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Vintage baseball Stitching Clamp Saddle


Vintage baseball Stitching Clamp Saddle

  • CIRCA - 1920's - 1940's
  • SIZE -  41" tall x  27" long saddle x 16" wide Leg to leg
  • PRICE GUIDE - $1,000. - $1,200.

 Information provided by:
   KeyMan Collectibles   

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 This is a vintage  baseball stitching clamp Saddle. In the past Baseball Stitching clamps were used to secure the baseball during the process of sewing on the cover by hand. In the early days the wooden clamps were made  by locale woodworkers or carpenters. The baseballs were both sewn at factories or at home, the work done mostly by women.

 In the early days in baseball towns like Cooperstown, baseballs were made locally, and the women in the area were expected to stitch up some baseballs at the end of the days chores. A factory that made Major League baseballs in Perkasie, PA. started in a kitchen. As neighbors joined in the baseball stitching, the house was filled with stitchers. An addition was made to the home, but as the volume of work soon required a larger facility, the factory was opened. During the 1920's the factory employed 50 stitchers that worked at the factory, and about 300 home workers. During WWII home work became quite popular.

Two pieces of figure-eight-shaped cowhide is dampened to permit pliability and placed around a string wound core, then placed in the stitching clamp. Pilot holes were pre punched into the covers to help guide the stitching, and stapled together to hold in place for stitching. The baseball is then hand-stitched together with 216 raised stitches. It takes about 13-14 minutes to hand sew a baseball. 

With this Vintage Baseball Stitching Clamp A seamstress would sit on the saddle, place a baseball in the wooden pincers and depress the lever as seen in the pictures below. Pulling the leather strap down for tension the lever is inserted into the metal teeth on the leg, and held in place. Most likely using the foot, the lever can be loosened, and re-inserted to turn the baseball while Stitching. 

See another example of a Vintage Baseball Stitching Clamp used at the D&M Factory.


Vintage baseball stitching clamp saddle

Vintage baseball Stitching Saddle

Vintage baseball clamp stitching

Baseball Stitching Clamp Saddle

Vintage baseball stitching clamp saddle

baseball Stitching Saddle being used in factory to make baseballs

Vintage baseball stitching clamp saddle

Photo by: Dynarl

Baseball stitching clamp saddle being used in a factory to make baseballs

Photo by: Dynarl


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