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1969 Topps Baseball Cards & Checklist



Free 1969 Topps Baseball Card Checklist

  • COMPLETE SET - 664 Cards
  • Near Mint - $3,200.00
  • Excellent - $1,5000.00
  • Very Good - $900.00

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Key Cards:

  • 260 - Reggie Jackson RC
  • 500 - Mickey Mantle
  • 533 - Nolan Ryan




 The 1969 baseball card set consists of 664 baseball cards that measure 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" The fifth series, (cards 426-512) contains several variations; the more difficult variety consists of cards with the player's first name, last name, and/or position in white letters instead of lettering in some other color.

For the FREE complete Printer friendly (9 pages) 
1969 Topps Baseball Card checklist CLICK HERE

Key Rookie Cards: Rollie Fingers, Reggie Jackson, Graig Nettles.


  • Card 47A Paul Popovich No C on Helmet - Thick Airbrush, 47B No helmet emblem, light airbrushing, 47C - C emblem on helmet 
  • Card 49A Rookie Stars Steve Jones Ellie Rodriquez misspelled ERR 49B (Rodriguez)  COR Card  99A Rookie Stars Danny Morris/Graig Nettles COR 99B (Errant Black Loop in Upper Left Corner) 
  • Card 107A Checklist 2 Bob Gibson ERR 161 is Jim Purdin 107B COR John Purdin 
  • Card 151A Clay Dalrymple {(Portrait/Orioles) 151B (Catcher/Phillies) 
  • Card 582A CL 7 Tony Oliva White Circle on Back 582B Red Circle on Back 
  • Card 653 Aurelio Rodriguez UER RC (Photo is Angels batboy Leonard Garcia)

1969 Topps Card 500A Mickey Mantle (right), and
 White Letters variation card 500B


  • CO - Coach
  • COR - Corrected Card
  • DP - Double Print
  • ERR - Error card
  • IA - In Action
  • MG - Manager
  • RC -  Rookie Card
  • SP - Single or Short Print
  • UER - Uncorrected Error
For a full Glossary of Baseball card terms abbreviations and, acronyms Click Here

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Click Photo to Enlarge

1969 Topps Card 260 Reggie Jackson Rookie

Back Of 1969 Topps Card

1969 Topps Johnny Bench All StarCard 430

1969 Topps Card 260 Reggie Jackson Rookie

Back Of 1969 Topps Card

1969 Topps Johnny Bench All StarCard 430

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