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1981 Donruss Baseball Cards & Checklist



1981 Donruss Card 119 Rickey Henderson

  • COMPLETE SET - 660 Cards
  • Near Mint-Mint -  $25.00

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Key Cards:

  • 119 - Rickey Henderson
  • 260 -Nolan Ryan


 The 1981 Donruss baseball card set consists of 660 baseball cards that measure 2-1/2" by 3-1/2" more than one pose exists for several popular players. Numerous errors of the first print run (P1) were later corrected by the company during the second printing (P2).

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1981 Donruss Baseball Card Checklist CLICK HERE

Key Rookie Cards: Danny Ainge, Tim Raines, and Jeff Reardon, Mookie Wilson.


  • 7A Duffy Dyer P1 (1980 batting avg has decimal) P2 (batting avg has no decimal)
  • 26A John Ellis P1 ERR (Photo on front Danny Wa) P2 COR
  • 51A Tom Donohue P1 ERR (Name on front misspelled Don) 51B P2 COR
  • 71A Bobby Bonds P1 ERR ( 986 lifetime HR) 71B Bobby Bonds P2 COR ( 326 HR)
  • 72A Rennie Stennett P1 ERR ( broke leg)72B P2 COR (Word 'broke' deleted)
  • 87A Larry Hisle P1 ERR ('77 highlights line ends with %) 87A P2 COR (line '28 Hr')
  • 97A Tom Burgmeier P1 ERR (Throws: Right) 97B P2 COR (Throws: Left)
  • 131A Pete Rose P1 (Last line ends with see card 251) 131B P2 (Last line...371)
  • 142 Larry Bowa UER (shortstop on front) 
  • 143 Frank Lacorte UER (photo actually Randy Niemann) 
  • 164A Del Unser P1 ERR (no '3b' heading) 164B P2 COR (batting record on back corrected)
  • 240A Bob Lacey P1 ERR (name misspelled 'bob lacy') 240B Bob Lacey P2 COR
  • 261A Vern Ruhle P1 ERR (photo on front actually Ken F) 261B P2 COR
  • 306A Gary Matthews P1 ERR (name misspelled) 306B P2 COR
  • 319A Duane Kuiper P1 ERR (name misspelled) 319B P2 COR
  • 326A Gorman Thomas P1 ERR (2nd line on back '30 HR mark 4th') 326B P2 COR ('30 HR mark 3rd')
  • 330A Steve Rogers P1 ERR  (name misspelled) 330B P2 COR
  • 342A Paul Splittorff P1 ERR (name misspelled) 342B Paul Splittorff P2 COR
  • 357A Rob Picciolo P1 ERR (name misspelled) 357B Rob Picciolo P2 COR
  • 379A Luis Pujols P1 ERR (name misspelled) 379B Luis Pujols P2 COR
  • 444A Buck Martinez P1 ERR (reverse negative) 444B  P2 COR
  • 457A John Tudor P1 ERR Lifetime W-L 9. 7457B P2 COR
  • 483A Ivan DeJesus P1 ERR (lifetime hits 702) 483B P2 COR (lifetime hits 642)
  • 490A Dave Roberts P1 (career Highlights: 'showed pop') P2 (declared himself)
  • 516A Willie Norwood P1 (career Highlights: went on...) 516B P2 (drafted by...)
  • 532A Geoff Zahn P1 (career Highlights: was 2nd in) 532B P2 (signed a 3 year)
  • 554A Mike Vail P1 (career Highlights: after two ...) 554B P2 (traded to ...)
  • 555A Jerry Martin P1 (career Highlights: overcame a) 555B P2 (traded to ...)
  • 556A Jesus Figueroa P1 (career Highlights: had an...) 556B P2 (traded to ...)
  • 563A Bob Owchinko P1 (career Highlights: traded to) 563B  P2 (involved in a ...)
  • 566A Glenn Adams P1 ERR (name misspelled) 566B P2 COR
  • 595A Dave Edwards P1 (career Highlights: sidelined) 595B  P2 (traded to ...)
  • no# (A) Checklist 1-120 P1 no# ERR (51 Donahue) (B) P2 COR (51 Donohue)
  • (A) Checklist 241-360 P1 ERR (306 Mathews) (B) P2 COR (306 Matthews)
  • (A) Checklist 361-480 P1 ERR (379 Pujois) (B) P2 COR (379 Pujols)
  • (A) Checklist 481-600 P1 ERR (566 Glen Adams) (B) P2 COR (566 Glenn Adams)



  • COR - Corrected Card
  • ERR - Error card
  • P1 - First Printing.
  • P2 - Second Printing
  • RC -  Rookie Card
  • SP - Short Print
  • UER - Uncorrected Error

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Click Photo to Enlarge



Back of 1981 Donruss Card 119 Rickey Henderson



Back of 1981 Donruss Card 119 
Rickey Henderson


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