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1981 Fleer Baseball Cards & Checklist



1981 Fleer baseball Card 574 Rickey Henderson

  • COMPLETE SET - 660 Cards
  • Near Mint-Mint -   $30.00

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Key Cards:

  • 1 - Pete Rose UER
  • 57 - Nolan Ryan 
  • 87A - Graig Nettles ERR
  • 140 - F. Valenzuela UER RC
  • 481 - Kirk Gibson RC
  • 574 - Rickey Henderson


The 1981 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". This set is Fleer's first since 1963. Cards of pitchers in this set erroneously show a heading (on the card backs) of "Batting Record" over their career pitching statistics.

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1981 Fleer Baseball Card checklist

Key Rookie Cards: Danny Ainge, Harold Baines, Kirk Gibson, Jeff Reardon, Fernando Valenzuela.


  • Card 1 Pete Rose UER (270 hits in 63 should be 170)
  • Card 6 Steve Carlton P1 Golden Arm (Back 1066 Cardinals Number on back 6)
  • Card 6B Steve Carlton P2 (Pitcher of Year Back 1066 Cardinals)
  • Card 6C Steve Carlton P3 (Pitcher of the Year)(1966)
  • Card 24A Kevin Saucier P1 (Name on back Ken) 24B P2
  • Card 24C Kevin Saucier P3 (Name on back Kevin)
  • Card 32A Amos Otis P1 (Batting Pose Outfield 32 on back)
  • Card 32B Amos Otis P2 (Series Starter 483 on back)
  • Card 41A Hal McRae P1 (Royals on front in black letters)
  • Card 41B Hal McRae P2 (Royals on front in Blue letters)
  • Card 79A Reggie Jackson (Portrait) 79B (Batting)
  • Card 87 Graig Nettles ERR (name on back spelled Craig) 87B COR
  • Card 114A Dave Lopes P1 (Small hand on back) P2 (No Hand)
  • Card 118 Jerry Reuss UER (Home:omitted)
  • Card 126A Ron Cey P1 (Small hand on back) P2 (No Hand)
  • Card 140 F.Valenzuela RC UER (misspelled Fernand on card)
  • Card 177A Rick Dempsey P1 (Small hand on front) P2 (No Hand)
  • Card 202A George Foster P1 Slugger (Number on back 216)
  • Card 202B George Foster P2 Slugger (Number on back 202)
  • Card 215A Bill Bonham P1 (Small hand on back) P2 (No Hand)
  • Card 251A Gary Matthews P1 (Small hand on back) P2 (No Hand)
  • Card 309 Doug Capilla UER (Cubs on front but Braves on back)
  • Card 342A Britt Burns P1 (Small hand on front) 342B P2(No hand)
  • Card 362A Kent Tekulve P1 (Back 1071 Waterbury and 1078 Pirates)
  • Card 362B Kent Tekulve P2 (Back 1971 Waterbury and 1978 Pirates)
  • Card 382A Kurt Bevacqua P1 ERR (P on cap backwards) 382B COR
  • Card 419A Jesse Jefferson P1 (Back reads Pirates)
  • Card 419B Jesse Jefferson P2 (Back reads Pirates) 
  • Card 419C Jesse Jefferson P3 (Back Reads Blue Jays)
  • Card 436A Darrel Evans P1 ERR (Name on front "Darrel") 436B COR
  • Card 480A Stan Papi P1 (Front as Pitcher) 480B P2 (Front as Shortstop)
  • Card 493A Tim Flannery P1 (Batting right) 493B Tim Flannery P2 (Batting Left)
  • Card 506 Willie Montanez UER (Misspelled Willy on card front)
  • Card 558 Butch Wynegar UER (1977 stats: PCT. .361 should be .261)
  • Card 640 Mike Schmidt P1 (portrait third base number on back 5)
  • Card 641A CL: Phils/Royals P1 (41 is Hal McRae)
  • Card 641B CL: Phils/Royals P2 (41 is Hal McRae Double Threat)
  • Card 645A Rose/Bowa/Schmidt Triple Threat P1 (No number on back)
  • Card 547A Don Hood P1 ERR (Pete Vuckovich Spelled Vuckovic) 547B COR
  • Card 650 Reggie Jackson Mr. Baseball P1 (Number on back 79)
  • Card 650B Reggie Jackson Mr. Baseball P2 (Number on back 650)
  • Card 652A CL: Tigers/Padres P1 (483 is listed)
  • Card 652B CL: Tigers/Padres P2 (483 is deleted)
  • Card 654A CL: Brewers/Cards P1(514 Jerry Augustine, 547 Pete Vuckovich)
  • Card 654B CL: Brewers/Cards P2 (514 Billy Travers, 547 Don Hood)
  • Card 655 George Brett P1 (390 average number on back 28) 
  • Card 655B George Brett P2 (390 Average Number on back 655)
  • Card 657A Tug McGraw P1 Game Saver (Number on back 7)
  • Card 657B Tug McGraw P2 Game Saver (Number on back 657)
  • Card 660 Steve Carlton P1 Golden Arm (# on back 660 Back 1066 Cardinals
  • Card 660B Steve Carlton P2 Golden Arm (1966 Cardinals)

Back of 1981 Fleer baseball Card 574

  • COR - Corrected
  • ERR - Error
  • MG -Manager
  • P1 - First Printing.
  • P2 - Second Printing
  • P3 - Third Printing
  • RC -  Rookie Card 
  • SP - Short Print
  • UER - Un-correced Error

Back of 1981 Fleer baseball Card 574 Rickey Henderson

For a full Glossary of Baseball card terms abbreviations and, acronyms Click Here
1981 Fleer - No Hand on back - Small Hand on back - Variation
Pictured above is the variation "No Finger on Back" or "No Hand on back" and "small Finger on Back" or "Small Hand on Back" The term Hand or Finger is used depending on the baseball catalog or grading company. It is a mark made in error when the cards were printed that appears on the back of the card (lower right corner) that resembles a "finger" or "Hand"

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Price Guide: Value is based on closed auctions and sales. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

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