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1989 Fleer Baseball Cards & Checklist



1989 Fleer baseball Card 616 Bill Ripken Rick Face

  • COMPLETE SET - 660 Cards
  • Near Mint-Mint - $15.00
  • Sealed Factory Set - $17.00

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Key Cards:

  • 353 - Craig Biggio RC
  • 381 - Randy Johnson RC
  • 548 - Ken Griffey Jr. RC
  • 616A - Bill Ripken 'Rick Face'
  • 616D - Bill Ripken 'Black Scribble'
  • 616E - Bill Ripken 'Black Box'


The 1989 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team. The teams are in order based on their respective performance during the prior year. Cards numbered 628-639 are Special cards, Cards Numbered 640-653 are Major League Prospects, and Cards 654-660 are checklist cards.

There are plenty of errors, and variations to keep busy with this set. About half of the California Angels players have white rather than yellow halos. Some Oakland A's player cards have red instead of green lines for front photo borders, and checklist cards are available either with or without positions listed for each player. 

The Billy Ripken Card 616 was issued with a "four letter word" Face on the knob of the bat. The term Rick Face was coined by Beckett in 1989 so when they refer to this card they can do so without using profanity. variations of this card include: Rick Face Double Die, Black Box square edge, round edge, and scribble. (methods used to covered up the profanity.) There are six variations of the 1991 Fleer Randy Johnson rookie card 381 (listed below)

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1989 Fleer Baseball Card checklist

Key Rookie Cards:  Craig Biggio, Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Gary Sheffield, John Smoltz.


  • 98A Kevin Romine ERR (Wrong photo of Randy Kutcher) 98B COR
  • 130A Tom Brookens ERR (Mickey Heath Stats on Back ) 130B COR
  • 132A Mickey Heath ERR (Tom Brookens Stats on Back) 132B  COR
  • 173A Jeff Treadway ERR (Target) 173B Jeff Treadway (No Target)
  • 350A Alan Ashby ERR (Back reads "throws rig" should be "throws right") 350B COR
  • 381A Randy Johnson VAR (has a red and white Marlboro billboard sign, complete with Marlboro man, above Randy's left shoulder, top right of card)
  • 381B Randy Johnson VAR (still has the entire billboard visible, but is covered by a dark, reddish shading but still noticeable.)
  • 381C Randy Johnson VAR (still has the sign visible, but there's a black line through the middle of the word Marlboro with the tops of all letters in Marlboro still clearly visible and, you can still tell the sign says Marlboro) 
  • 381D Randy Johnson VAR (Still shows the red and white of the sign, but there is a black blob where the word Marlboro once was, no longer showing tops of letters.)
  • 381E Randy Johnson VAR (The Marlboro sign is completely gone, but a black rectangle, exactly in the shape of the Marlboro billboard but sticks out from the rest of the black background)
  • 381E Randy Johnson VAR (the corrected version with no signs of the Marlboro ad.)
  • 440A Manny Trillo ERR (Back reads "throws rig" should be "throws right") 440B COR
  • 616A - Bill Ripken Rick Face
  • 616B - Bill Ripken Whiteout  
  • 616C - Bill Ripken White Scribble  
  • 616D - Bill Ripken Black Scribble
  • 616E - Bill Ripken Black Box
  • 630 - Roberto Alomar Sandy Alomar Jr. UER (Names on card listed in wrong order)
  • 631 - Will Clark Rafael Palmeiro UER (Gallaraga, sic; Clark 3 consecutive 100 RBI seasons; third with 102)
  • 632 - Darryl Strawberry Will Clark UER (Homeruns should be two words)
  • 633 - Wade Boggs Carney Lansford UER (Boggs hit .366 in '86, should be '88)

Back of 1989 Fleer baseball Card 616 

  • CL - Checklist
  • COR - Corrected
  • ERR - Error
  • FFC - First Fleer Card
  • IA - In Action
  • RC -  Rookie Card 
  • UER - Un-correced Error
  • VAR - Variation 

Back of 1989 Fleer baseball Card 616 Bill Ripken

For a full Glossary of Baseball card terms abbreviations and, acronyms Click Here

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Price Guide: Value is based on closed auctions and sales. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly. 

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