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1990 Fleer Baseball Cards & Checklist



1990 Fleer baseball Card 548 Sammy Sosa Rookie

  • COMPLETE SET - 660 Cards
  • Near mint-Mint -  $10.00
  • Sealed Factory Set - $12.00

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Key Cards:

  • 548 - Sammy Sosa RC
  • 624A -Cal Ripken '83 ERR (Ripkin)


The 1990 Fleer baseball card set consist of 660 cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team. The teams are in order based on their respective performance during the prior year. Cards numbered 621-630 are Decade Greats, Cards Numbered 631-639 are Superstar Combinations , 640-653 are  Rookie Prospects and. Cards 654-660 are checklist cards.

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1990 Fleer Baseball Card checklist

Key Rookie CardsMoises Alou, Juan Gonzalez, David Justice, Sammy Sosa and Larry Walker.


  • 15 - Mark McGwire UER (1989 runs listed as 4, should be 74)
  • 54 - Will Clark UER (Did You Know says first in runs, should say tied for first)
  • 441 - Alvaro Espinoza UER (Career games say 218, should be 219)
  • 485 - Joey Belle UER (Has Jay Bell Did You Know) Later changed his name to Albert
  • 586 - Dave Justice RC (Rookie Card) UER (Actually had 16 2B in Sumter in '86)
  • 590 - Kent Mercker UER RC (Bio reads ERA 2.75 ERA, stats reads 2.68 ERA)
  • 624A - Cal Ripken '83 ERR (Misspelled Ripkin on card back) 624B COR
  • 630A Will Clark '89 ERR (32 total bases on card back) 630B COR (321 total bases)

Back of 1990 Fleer baseball Card 548 

  • CL - Checklist
  • COR - Corrected
  • ERR - Error
  • FFC - First Fleer Card
  • RC -  Rookie Card 
  • UER - Un-correced Error
  • VAR - Variation 

Back of 1990 Fleer baseball Card 548 Sammy Sosa Rookie

For a full Glossary of Baseball card terms abbreviations and, acronyms Click Here

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Price Guide: Value is based on closed auctions and sales. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly. 

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