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1976 Kellogg's Baseball Cards





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1976 Kellogg's Baseball Cards & Checklist



1976 Kellogg's Card 53 Thurman Munson

  • COMPLETE SET - 57 Cards
  • Near Mint - $70.00
  • Excellent - $35.00
  • Very Good - $20.00

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Key Cards:

  • 19 - Dennis Eckersley 
  • 53 - Thurman Munson 
  • 55 - Pete Rose 


The 1976 Kellogg's baseball card set consist of 57 cards that measure approximately approximately 2 1/4" x 3 1/2".  The plastic covered cards were made to look 3-D. The cards were individually inserted in specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereal or as a set from the company for box-tops. 

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1976 Kellogg's Baseball Card Checklist


  • 6A Clay Carroll (Team logo Cincinnati Reds on back) 6B Clay Carroll (Team logo Chicago White Sox on back)
  • 25A Jim Kaat (Team logo Chicago White Sox on back) 25B Jim Kaat (Team logo Philadelphia Phillies on back)
  • 30A Frank Tanana ERR (1975 ERA 2.63) 30B Frank Tanana COR (1975 ERA 2.62)
  • 32A Tom Seaver ERR (1967 Pct. 552 with no decimal point) 32B COR (1967 Pct. .552)
  • 41A Mickey Rivers (Missing line in bio about Yankees) 41B Mickey Rivers (Bio has "Yankees obtained ...")
  • 45A Jorge Orta ERR (Lifetime AB 1615) 45B Jorge Orta COR (Lifetime AB 1616)
  • 47A Vida Blue (Bio "struck out more batters") 47B Vida Blue (Bio "pitched more innings")
  • 49A Jon Matlack ERR (1975 ER 87) 49B Jon Matlack COR (1975 ER 86)
  • 51A Mike Hargrove ERR (Lifetime AB 935) 51B Mike Hargrove COR (Lifetime AB 934)
  • 52A Paul Lindblad ERR (1975 ERA 2.73) 52B Paul Lindblad COR (1975 ERA 2.72)
  • 56A Greg Gross ERR (Lifetime games 334)  56B Greg Gross COR (Lifetime games 302)

Back of 1976 Kellogg's Card 

  • COR - Corrected
  • ERR - Error

Back of 1976 Kellogg's Card

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Price Guide: Value is based on closed auctions and sales. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly. 

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