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1989 Woolworth Baseball Card Checklist



1989 Woolworth Baseball Card Wade Boggs

  • COMPLETE SET - 33 cards
  • Near Mint-Mint -  $5.00

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Key Cards:

  •  8 - Wade Boggs
  • 13 - Randy Johnson
  • 27 - Mark McGwire

1989 Woolworth Baseball Card
Wade Boggs


Made by Topps, and issued by Woolworth as a boxed set the 1989 "Baseball Highlights" baseball card set consist of 33 high gloss cards that measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" The set features highlights of the previous season. The front of the "Topps Collectors Series" cards showcase full color photos. The back of the gold red, and white card is numbered. The checklist is below. Click the following link for a Printer Friendly 1989 Woolworth Baseball Card Checklist

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More Photos


1989 Woolworth Baseball Card Mark McGwire

back of 1989 Woolworth Baseball Card

1989 Woolworth Baseball Card Kirk Gibson

1989 Woolworth
Mark McGwire

Back of 1989 Woolworth  
Baseball Card

1989 Woolworth
Kirk Gibson

1989 Woolworth  Baseball Highlights Baseball Card Checklist 

1 Jose Canseco MVP
2 Kirk Gibson MVP
3 Frank Viola CY
4 Orel Hershiser CY
5 Walt Weiss ROY
6 Chris Sabo ROY
7 George Bell
8 Wade Boggs
9 Tom Browning
10 Gary Carter
11 Andre Dawson
12 John Franco
13 Randy Johnson
14 Doug Jones
15 Kevin McReynolds
16 Gene Nelson
17 Jeff Reardon
18 Pat Tabler
19 Tim Belcher
20 Dennis Eckersley
21 Orel Hershiser
22 Gregg Jefferies
23 Jose Canseco
24 Kirk Gibson
25 Orel Hershiser
26 Mike Marshall
27 Mark McGwire
28 Rick Honeycutt
29 Tim Belcher
30 Jay Howell
31 Mickey Hatcher
32 Mike Davis
33 Orel Hershiser

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Price Guide: Value is based on closed auctions and sales. Condition is important. Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

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