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1900 - 1909  Gloves & Mitts

 This era starts off with the development of the full web design. "Full Webs" are sewn directly to the thumb and forefinger. By 1910 the 1 inch webs start appearing. Similar to the previous full web except that the web was one, to one and a half inches wide. Interesting to note the innovative 1904 Victor No. 12 Fielder's Glove that came with an adjustable Web, pictured below. "Crescent padded Gloves" described as Heel Ridges continue to be made throughout this era as well.

wpeEB.jpg (13913 bytes)

wpeF3.jpg (13587 bytes)

wpeB.jpg (19451 bytes)

1900-05 Pennant Brand Full Web Fielder’s Glove. This is an exceptionally high quality, buckskin leather glove from a very scarce maker. Gloves from 1900 to 1915 had sewn in webs known as "full webs" These webs were sewn directly to the thumb and forefinger.
This is a Spalding white leather "crescent padded" fielder's glove circa 1900 -1910. The back has a Spalding label, and brass button. Crescent gloves get their name from the crescent shaped padding at the bottom of the glove. these gloves can also be dated to the late 1890s

wpe1F.jpg (15515 bytes)

wpe21.jpg (16568 bytes)

wpe13.jpg (9387 bytes)

wpe15.jpg (23510 bytes)

Another example of a "full web" glove circa 1910. This glove was made of a stiff leather as opposed to the buckskin example above. Lacing is used at the bottom instead of being sewn.
This is a Spalding baseball advertising sign c.1915, with a graphic display of a baseball glove with a 1908 Patent date. Advertising like this is a great way of dating Vintage baseball memorabilia.

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

wpeD.jpg (13454 bytes)

wpeAE.jpg (5389 bytes)

wpeA7.jpg (15843 bytes)

wpeA5.jpg (19405 bytes)
Around 1910 the 1 inch webs start appearing

wpe57.jpg (29564 bytes)

wpe5A.jpg (31641 bytes)

wpeAB.jpg (10475 bytes)

1900 - 1909 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples
Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1900 and 1909.
1901 Reach Base Ball Gloves 1901 Reach Catchers Mitts
1901 Reach Fielder's Mitts & Gloves 1901 Reach Catchers Mitt
1904 Victor Fielders Glove with adjustable Web ! 1904 Victor Catcher's Mitts
1904 Victor No. 12 Fielder's Glove
with an adjustable Web !
1904 Victor Buckle Back Catcher's Mitts
Heel Ridge (Crescent Pad)
1904 Victor Button Back Fielder's Gloves 1904 Baseman's Mitts
1904 Victor Button Back Fielder's Gloves 1904 Victor Baseman's Mitts
1910 Reach Fielder's Glove  1910 Reach ROC Fielder's glove   1910 Reach 2RN Baseman's Mitt  1910 Reach AS Catcher's Mitt 
1910 Reach SWN
Fielder's Glove
1910 Reach OC
Fielder's Glove
1910 Reach 2RN
Baseman's Mitt
1910 Reach AS
Catcher's Mitt
1910 Reach  Fielders Mittens
1910 Reach Fielder's Mittens
1880 -1899 Gloves & Mitts 1910 -1919 Gloves & Mitts

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