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1955 Armour 24 Coin Set Checklist


  • CIRCA -1955
  • SIZE - 1.1/2"
  • COMPLETE SET - 24 coins
    $10.-$20. (commons)
    $20.-$30. (variations)
    $100. - $150. (Mantel Error)
    $300.-$400. (Mantle correct)

  Information provided by:
    KeyMan Collectibles



Mickey Mantle ERR (Mantel)

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 Armour issued 24 plastic coins in 1955 that were inserted into packages of hot dogs. The coins were issued in various colors, and in different shades. Red, Yellow, blue, green, Orange, and Aqua. The front of the coins feature a raised profile of the ballplayer, player’s name and team. On the back, centered between a baseball diamond, and crossed bats are name, team, position, birthplace and date, batting, throwing preference, and 1954 hitting or pitching record. Each 1955 Armour coin can be found in two different "bust tilts" in which the tip of the cap and back point of the bust point to distinctly different areas of the rim.

Pictured above is a 1955 Mickey Mantle Armour coin with the Spelling error Mickey Mantel. The Mickey Mantle coin with the correct spelling is rare, and sells for about $400. The pictures below show the back of the coin (center), and the other outer pictures I darkened the color to make it easier to read. There is also a Dark blue coin, and a pale green coin with the same error. 

In 1959 Armour issued 20 coins, and in 1960 20 coins. The 1959 and 1960 coins were issued with meat items such as hot dogs although 10 coins could also be obtained through a mail in offer. Below is a checklist for the unnumbered coins that is arranged in alphabetical order. 

Click the following link for a Printer Friendly 1955 Armour coins Checklist

1955 Armour coins Checklist

1a Johnny Antonelli NY Giants
1b Johnny Antonelli New York Giants
2 Yogi Berra
3 Del Crandall
4 Larry Doby
5 Jim Finigan
6 Whitey Ford
7a Jim Gilliam (back L or R)
7b Jim Guilliam (back L-R)
8 Harvey Haddix
9a Ransom Jackson (back infielder)
9b Ransom Jackson (back nfielder)
10a Jackie Jensen (back Red Sox)
10b JAckie Jensen (back Reb Sox)
11 Ted Kluszewski
12a Harvey Kuenn reg.
12b Harvey Kuenn cond.
12c Harvey Kuenn spread
13a Mickey Mantel (ERR)
13b Mickey Mantle (COR)
14 Don Mueller
15 Pee Wee Reese
16 Allie Reynolds
17 Al Rosen
18 Curt Simmons
19 Duke Snider
20 Warren Spahn
21 Frank Thomas
22a Virgil Trucks (front Whitesox)
22b Virgil Trucks (front White Sox)
23 Bob Turley
24 Mickey Vernon


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