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2000 World Series Full Phantom Tickets Yankees vs. Mets 
Subway Series


2000 World Series Full Phantom Tickets Yankees vs. Mets Subway Series

  • CIRCA - 2000
  • SIZE - 3" x 7"  full ticket
  • PRICE RANGE - $15 - $20. Depending on condition.

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This is a 2000 World Series New York Yankees vs. mets Full Phantom Ticket. Phantom tickets are tickets that were printed but the games were not played. This Subway series between the Yankees(4), and Mets(1) ended in 5 games leaving Ticket holders with World Series Memorabilia. Phantom Tickets are collectible but do not bring the higher price that tickets of games that are actually played will cost. Another benefit for the older phantom tickets are they are full tickets. Before this decade started when you entered a ballpark your ticket was ripped. So Full tickets of games played are rare. Phantom tickets offer a great way of acquiring an example of a full ticket from a series where most tickets were ripped. Now Most ballparks if not all Scan the tickets when you enter making Full tickets more common. These 2000 Phantom Tickets will also be more desirable because the Yankees actually played in the world series they were printed for, as opposed to the 1995 World Series Phantom Ticket pictured below. In 1995 the Yankees were knocked out of the play-offs by Seattle, and they never made it to the Series. Those tickets will sell for less. 

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2000 World Series

1998 Phantom Ticket

1995 Phantom Ticket

1995 Back

2000 Back

1998 Phantom

1995 Phantom

1995 Back

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