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Figurine Related Questions
 In an effort to help you resolve your Baseball Memorabilia question the most commonly asked questions will be posted. Before searching for your question check to see if your Item in question has already been cataloged in the KeyMan Collectibles database of information by clicking a category on the Left column of this page. 

Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If you cannot find your question listed then click the help Link provided at the bottom of this page. KeyMan will do his best to answer your question as soon as possible. You may also use the Google search box provided at the top of each page to assist you in your query. 


How do you tell a 60's from an 80's Hartland Statue?

The 25th Anniversary Hartland statues are exact replicas of the originals. They have the words 25th Anniversary on the player's Belt buckle or shoulder. It is sometimes hard to see. Unlike the originals, the box is a must, not a bonus in getting market value.

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I have this 8" ceramic figurine, Indian baseball player, with a single feather and gold tooth, holding a bat. It has "Indians" written on his jersey. Under the base it says "Stanford Pottery". Is this of any value?

The Stanford Pottery Banks also known as "Gold Tooth Banks" are from the 1950s. A classic of hand-molded, and hand-painted craftsmanship. The ceramic Stanford Pottery baseball team banks are highly sought-after today. 

Stanford Pottery produced banks for the Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, Detroit tigers, Philadelphia A's, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Cleveland Indians. They also produced banks for some minor league teams.

The Cleveland Indians is the lowest priced bank and sells for about $250.-$300. The highest priced banks are the Boston Braves (with headdress) & Philadelphia A's selling at about $4,000.-$8,000. For more information visit the following page of this website: 1950's Stanford Pottery Baseball Team Banks


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I recently found 5 of these bust as shown on your web site. I've had these since childhood. Can you provide me with any information or value? 

In 1963 the Hall of Fame commissioned a Long Island company (Sports Hall of Fame inc.) to make miniature replicas of 20 of the existing Busts featured at the Hall of Fame.

The common price for each player in mint condition without the original box is about $65.-$125. Bill Dickey the lowest price bust sells for about 65.-$75. Cochrane, Feller, Waner, and Speaker $150. Mcgraw, Robinson, and Sissler $200. Jimmie Foxx about $250. and the tuff one to find Hank Greenberg tops off the list at about $300.

With the original box in mint condition you can add $75.-$150.

I Have up dated the page on the website to include prices for each player, and a check list.  Hall Of Fame Bust 20 piece Set  


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