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Questions & Answers Research Center
 In an effort to help you resolve your Baseball Memorabilia question the most commonly asked questions will be posted. Before searching for your question check to see if your Item in question has already been cataloged in the KeyMan Collectibles database of information by clicking a category on the Left column of this page. 

To find your question click on the category below that best describes the item you are searching for information on. You will be taken to a page with the most common questions asked. If you cannot find your question listed then click the help Link provided, and KeyMan will do his best to answer your question as soon as possible. You may also use the Google search box provided at the top of each page to assist you in your query. 

  • How much is my Autograph woth?
    What year is my team signed baseball from? How much is my autographed photo? Is my autograph real? How do you authenticate an autograph? ......
  • What is my Baseball worth?
    How old is my baseball? I have a baseball.....
  • How old is my Baseball Bat?
    How old is my Louisville slugger? What is the value of my Adirondack Baseball bat? What does "Powerized" mean? Is my Bat a game used bat?.....
  • What is my Bobble Head doll worth?
    What year is my Bobbing head from? ......
  • Where does this Baseball Card come from?
    I can't find this Baseball Card anywhere on the web? ......
  • What year was this piece of Baseball Equipment made?
    Is this a real catchers mask? Where can I buy a Stadium Seat?...
  • What year is this Figurine from?
    How much is this statue worth? ....
  • Is this Game worth anything?
    What year was this game made? .....
  • What year is this Baseball Glove from?
    Have you ever seen this model glove? .....
  • How much is my vintage Pennant worth?
    How can you find the value of a  World Series pennant? ...
  • Where can I sell my Baseball Pin / Button?
    I have a press pin what is it worth? What year is this button from? ....
  • Is my Limited issued Plate worth anything?
    I found this plate what is it?.....
  • Did you ever see this Poster/Picture before?
    I got this poster from a game I went to what is it worth?....
  • Is this Publication worth anything?
    How much is my yearbook? I have a un-scored program what is the value?....
  • How Much is a Babe Ruth Home Run Story Record?
    How much is an Aura Vision Mickey Mantle record?....
  • I have a Ticket Stub from this game what's it worth?
    I have an unused ticket from the world series is it worth anything?
  • How much? what is it? What Year? is my Miscellaneous Item?
    I cant figure out what this is? Have you ever seen this before?.....

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