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1953 Topps Baseball Cards & Checklist



1953 Topps Baseball Cards & Free Checklist

  • COMPLETE SET - 274 Cards
  • Near Mint - $27,000.00
  • Excellent - $10,000.00
  • Very Good - $5,000.00

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Key Cards:

  • 1 - Jackie Robinson
  • 82 - Mickey Mantle
  • 244 -Willie Mays


 Because of the competition with Bowman the 1953 Topps baseball card set is missing 6 cards. The original players slated for those cards signed exclusive contracts with Bowman. The set consists of 274 baseball cards numbered 1-280. Cards not issued are: 253, 261, 267, 268, 271 and 275.

Variations exists with card numbers 10, 44, 61, 72, 81 and 85-165. The backs of the cards personal data, are found in either black or white ink. The cards with the black text seem to be more scarce but, both have the same book value in the price guides.

For the FREE complete Printer friendly (4 pages) 
1953 Topps Baseball Card checklist CLICK HERE

Key Rookie Cards: Roy Face, Jim Gilliam, Johnny Podres

Baseball Card Checklist Glossary:

  • CO - Coach
  • COR - Corrected Card
  • DP - Double Print (a card that was printed in double the quantity compared to the other cards in the same series)
  • ERR - Error card
  • FTC - First Topps Card
  • MG - Manager
  • RC -  Rookie Card
  • SP - Single or Short Print (a card that was printed in lesser quantity compared to the other cards in the same series)
  • UER - Uncorrected Error

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