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KeyMan Collectibles Newsletter

Road Trip
Fenway Park 
July 14 -17, 2005

Steven KeyMan Collectibles
   My first trip to Fenway Park was outstanding. I recommend it to all my fellow Yankee Fans. Decked out in my Yankee attire, I wish I had a picture of the look I got from all the Boston Redsox Fans I ran into. I was a Blue Dot in a sea of RED my friends. The first two games being played on work days, there were not as many Yankees fans, as were present on Saturday, and Sunday. So I basically took the abuse single handedly for the most part, especially after wpe15.jpg (35123 bytes)the Yankees lost the second game 17 -1. 

    I stayed at the Howard Johnsons, right across the street from Fenway. The people that work there were great, the rooms were clean , and could be upgraded a little, but Location,wpe12.jpg (29006 bytes) Location, Location. I open up the curtains to my room and there is fenway Park. I could take a ball, and play off the wall on Fenway from my hotel window. The view is the First base side of Fenway, and you can also see the Ball Players entering  the Stadium before the game. You can't ask for a better place to stay if you make a trip to Fenway Park.

   After I settled in, I took a walk to check out this great old Ball Park. I was there in two minutes. I walked up Yawkey Way, not realizing that was where the front entrance to Fenway was, until I made the second trip around. But before I arrived there I passed the Redsox fans waiting to get into the Bleachers. This is where I got my first taste of abuse from a Redsox fan. Someone yelled "Yankees Suck" and when I wpe28.jpg (82318 bytes)turned, and looked there he was, a self proclaimed #1 Redsox Fan, Holding up a "Yankees Suck" T-shirt. But all in all it was mostly good Fun, Ribbing from the Redsox fans. no great abuse, at least not yet. 

I made my way a little further down from the Bleachers, and there was a live Radio show being broadcast from station WEEI 850 AM Sports talk Radio. Peter Gammons was beingwpe2F.jpg (40372 bytes) interviewed, and paying no mind to my Yankee Fan presence. This is Boston's version of New York's WFAN Sports talk Radio. The Following day After the Redsox Lost to the Yankees I came by to hear what was being broadcast, and all I heard was Redsox Fans whining about Curt Schilling coming out of the Bull pen,  Bellhorn shouldn't be playing, and so on. The usual fan second guessing the Manager's moves. There was also one guy complaining about Arroyo late night antics, playing in a band, going to bed too late....

   I continued my journey back to the Front entrance, where the action started to pick up. By this Time the Media was everywhere, and when Boston's NBC Sports announcer Frank Carpano saw my NY Yankees attire he made a Bee-line straight for me, and asked if I wanted to do an interview. He Asked me if I thought this series would make or break the Yankees season. I told him the Yankees are only 2 1/2 games back, with half the season to play. Even if they get swept by Boston, they would only be 6 1/2 games out. Then I asked him if he remembered 1978 when the Yankees were 14 games out at the All-Star break....You know the year that Guy Bucky Dent hit that Home run. That immediately brought the attention of all the Redsox fans in hearing distance. After they stopped Chirping, I took out my camera, wpe37.jpg (55759 bytes) and asked if I can take their picture, so my great Grand children 86 years from now would know what a Redsox fan looked like when They were last world Series Champs. This brought on more Chirping, and I walked away from the interview laughing. 

  Game Time. I went to the Game with My son, my friend Phil, his son Robert, and Mr. Joe Love. My son lurked around the Yankees Dugout trying to get an Autograph. Unprepared, wpe3E.jpg (36695 bytes)he borrowed a pen, and would have used his Ticket to get the autograph on, but had no luck. The following Day I bought him a Major league baseball, and a blue ballpoint pen. After spending the pre-game hours waiting for the players to arrive at the ball park, he had Matsui, and Tino Martinez walk right by him, both stating that they were late for the game, and didn't have time. He would Finally get Russ Johnson's autograph on the field before the second game. Johnson used his own Sharpie to sign the ball. That's a no no Russ, you should use a Blue Ballpoint pen. Sharpie will fade in time, on a baseball.

During the Game about the 4th inning, the Sox were winning 5-3, and I ventured out to take a personal tour of Fenway Park. I landed up on Yawkey Street, which is closed off and Stadium Fans can go outside during the game, have a cigarette, a beer, or and grab something to eat. I walked around until I found three Redsox fans willing to have a beer with me. I was surprised to find out that Redsox fans Hate Paul O'neil, They respect Jeter, and we all know they hate ARod. When I brought up Bucky Dent, I was quickly corrected by all Three, that the Name in Boston is "Bucky efin' Dent". Who do they fear the most when the Game is on the line? Bernie Williams. We had a good Time, Taking the Rivalry to the most purest level. Fan to Fan. I hung out with them until the game was tied at 5, but not before  took our picture (click link to view). 

 Game one could not be written by a Yankee fan any better than it turned out. A close game, tied up by the Yankees. then the Redsox go ahead with a HR by Ortiz, the Yankees Tie it up again in the 8th. Stage set. World Series hero Curt Schilling makes his Dramatic entrance in the 9th inning, Redsox Fans are Going wild! Sheffield Doubles off the wall. A-Rod who RedSox fans Hate Hits a two run HR. Now the Icing on the wpe4B.jpg (22920 bytes) cake Mariano Rivera who "The Redsox Have his Number" with the top of the batting order coming up Strikes out the side. Outside of Bucky dent coming out of retirement to hit a game winning HR it can't be written any wpe51.jpg (40305 bytes)better. If you're a Yankee Fan. 


Happy Yankee Fans After First Game (before the Second Game 17 -1 loss) From Left to right top Nicky, Phil, Steve KeyMan, Joe Love, and Robert. 

   After the Game I stood in front of the hotel watching what was left of  "Boston Nation" going home. I didn't abuse anyone, but my presence was enough to annoy them. I kept getting that look. Eye's open up, head moves back, mouth opens for a gasp of air. They didn't have to speak. The following day before the game ,when I went past the Bleacherswpe1.jpg (44130 bytes) the Abuse I took went up a notch. "Hey Look there's a Yankee fan....Yankees Suck Go Home" I would reply "we're here to take back the Championship"... "Good Game Last Night" When I went past the Radio Station again a Redsox fan kept pushing me away from the window. "you don't belong here Yankee Fan get lost." He would wave to the guys in the Broadcast booth, and they wpe5.jpg (46621 bytes) would wave back. Me, They wouldn't even look at me. 

  When I arrived around the Park where the Players Enter, A-Rod, and Many Ramirez Got out of the same car. Boy did that create a buzz. David Wells arrived, and didn't even turn to acknowledge the small crowd looking for Autographs. Joe Torre, got out of the car waved, and then paused as if he was going to sign, but then kept walking. The only player to stop, and sign autographs was Doug Mirabelli. He signed close to a dozen Autographs, Class act.

   Took a quick ride to "Cheers" for lunch. Had a nice Steak, and a bowl of Clam Chowder. I didn't have an extra ticket for the second game, and let my son go to the game. When I got back to the hotel room, I found out that Tim Redding was pitching for the Yankees. Boy was I glad I didn't go. Waiting for the Game to start on TV, I feel asleep. I was quickly awaken by the roar of the crowd outside my window when Trot Nixon hit the "inside the park Home Run."wpeA.jpg (35774 bytes) The photo to the right shows the view I had. The roaring didn't stop until the score was 17 -1. By this time the crew I was with already returned from the Game. They couldn't take the abuse the Redsox fans were dishing out. so we headed for the Hong Kong Cafe, inside the Hotel for diner. 

  I finished my diner, and decided to go outside for some air. By this time the Redsox fans had filled the restaurant. The abuse started on my way out the door. I stood in the same spot I had stood the night before. You would have thought the Sox had won the world series again. I took my licks, but held my ground. It started to get a little nuts when the drunks started to empty out. So I called it a night.

  wpeB.jpg (51736 bytes)Over all The trip was great. If you are a true Baseball Fan you must make a trip to Fenway Park. The people of Boston are Friendly, even if you're wearing a Yankees Jersey. As I walked around Fenway, the collector in me was always looking for some memorabilia. Pretty hard to find something of interest being a Yankees fan in Boston. especially after they won the world series. I then realized that I already had collected a load of memorabilia., The photos that I took. I had the picture of the "#1 Redsox fan" enlarged to an 8x10. I looked for him to sign it, but couldn't find him the next day. But none the less, it will be framed and hung in my Yankee Room. 



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