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Collectible Plates Related Questions
 In an effort to help you resolve your Baseball Memorabilia question the most commonly asked questions will be posted. Before searching for your question check to see if your Item in question has already been cataloged in the KeyMan Collectibles database of information by clicking a category on the Left column of this page. 

Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If you cannot find your question listed then click the help Link provided at the bottom of this page. KeyMan will do his best to answer your question as soon as possible. You may also use the Google search box provided at the top of each page to assist you in your query. Green Links open in a new window for a Glossary definition. 

Which is the more valuable of the Don Larsen "The Perfect Game" plates. The one with the Copyright mark  or the one without?

This is a limited edition plate issued after the 1956 World Series commemorating the perfect game thrown by the New York Yankees Don Larsen.

Its hard to say with only seeing a handful of auctions. I have seen three different versions of this plate with the same exact description. I suspect all three had a "Copy, and Paste" description claiming that one was more rare than the other. Without this information being known to the public of which one is the more rare, I would say that they are all the same price. Supply, and demand. There is equal demand for one or the other, and the supply on the market seems to be the same. All three versions of the plate sell for about $75.-$150. View these plates on the following page of this website: Don Larsen's 1956 World Series Perfect Game Plate

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My collectors Plate is a Limited Edition why isn't it worth more money?

Limited edition is A term often used by manufacturers of collectibles to indicate scarcity. A limited edition means just that - production of the item in question will be limited to a certain number. However, that number may be large or small, and is relevant to the amount of collectors interested in it. The value of a limited edition item is high only if the number made is less than the number of collectors that desire the item. If the Limited amount made is more than the amount of collectors interested, the value will go down from the issued price. 

 If the piece reads Limited to a certain amount of "Firing Days" This means that the product will be produced for that amount of time. There is no set number and the "Limited Edition" can be over produced. More Items than collectors means less value. Often theses plate will have a resale value of less than the issued price.

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