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Ted's Root Beer Advertising Sign Fake


Ted Williams Ted's Root Beer Advertising Sign


Information provided by:
KeyMan Collectibles

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   This is a Fake 1952 Ted's Root Beer Advertising sign. Ted Williams was employed by the Moxie corporation as Assistant Advertising Manager for a period of 5 years starting November 1, 1957, at a salary of $1,000 per year, with an option to buy 50,000 shares in the company.
Source -Moxie Encyclopedia Volume 1 by Q. David Bowers

Shortly after Ted Williams Signed on, in December of 1957 the Moxie Corp. introduced "Ted's Root Beer". The product was put out in 8 and 12 oz bottles, and was still being marketed as late as 1967, before being phased out of production. This sign as others being sold on eBay as original has a copyright of 1952

 In 1952 Ted Williams was not promoting Root Beer. After six games in 1952 Williams was called up to active duty in the Korean War. Williams a pilot flew combat missions over Korea. Hit by small-arms fire during one run, Williams crash-landed his crippled jet and escaped from the flaming wreckage as he said "Faster than Mickey Mantle" He returned after 39 missions in 1953.

Tin reproductions of this Ted's Root Beer sign are very common, and are available for $10. - $15. each. The tin signs are not being sold as original, only as a reproduction fantasy piece. When trying to find the value of the original sign I found the tin sign listed, and it only noted that the original sign is very rare. No price was given. This sign is so rare, and yet I have seen 6 on eBay this past year without looking for it. Sellers of these signs commonly sell them with a private auction with the buyers ID kept hidden. Details, and pictures of the sign are quickly removed when the auction is closed. 

The fake signs are not limited to just the Ted's Root Beer signs. As reported by The I-70 Fake-o-Rama?

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Teds Root Beer sign back


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