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1994 World Series Baseball


1994 World Series Baseball

  • CIRCA - 1994
  • MANUFACTURER -Rawlings 
  • SIZE - Official size
  • PRICE RANGE - $15 - $20


 Information provided by:
KeyMan Collectibles

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 The official Rawlings 1994 world Series Baseball, is from the World Series that never was. These Historic baseballs were made to be used in the 1994 World Series when the players went out on strike. Leaving the fans without the World Series, and Rawlings with a surplus of baseballs. Although a Rare event in Baseball History, the balls are very common. There are more 1994 World Series baseballs in the market than collectors, keeping the price down.

In 1994 the Baseballs were made available through Newspaper offers, and memorabilia dealers. They sold for about $10. for multi orders to $15. for one. Today the baseball sealed in the box is worth about $15.-$20. Commonly found on eBay you can still pick them up for as low as $10. and $5.-$10. without the box

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