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1930 - 1939  Gloves & Mitts

The modern style web starts it's development in the 1930s. First the single tunnel, the double tunnel, the T-web, and then by the early 1940ís triple tunnel and H webs began to be used. These were all separate webs that were laced to the glove. The single tunnel was about a one inch wide web, the double tunnel utilized two of these simple webs. Until the late 1940's fielders gloves for the most part have no lacing between the fingers, and are referred to as "Split finger" Gloves. Experiments with laced fingers in the 1930s begin to emerge.

D&M No. G92 Fielders Glove 1930's Ken-Wel Double-Laced Finger Glove
This is the D&M Famous Players No. 92 Fielders Glove. The glove pictured on the left was sold in 1928, and has a sewn seam at the wrist area. The 1930 glove is laced at the wrist area which became more popular as time went on.
This is a 1930's Ken-Wel 560 Pro Dazzy Vance "double-laced finger design" fielders glove. This double laced finger design is one of the earliest examples of "laced fingers" which first appeared as early as 1934.

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

1930;s double Tunnel Web wpeA7.jpg (19091 bytes) Reach Canada RF2 Babe Ruth Home Run Special

1930 - 1939 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples

Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1930 and 1939
1932 wilson 648 Rogers Hornsby Fieders Glove   1932 Reach RF2 Babe Ruth Special Fielder's Glove  1932 Wilson 552 Bill Terry Baseman's Mitt   1932 Wilson 508 Gabby Hartnett Catcher's Mitt 
1932 Wilson 648
Fielder's Glove
1932 Reach RF2
Fielder's Glove
1932 Wilson 552
Baseman's Mitt
1932 Wilson 502
Catcher's Mitt
1934 Reach No. 1 Roger Cramer Fielder's Glove  1934 Wilson 972 Rajah Hornsby Fielder's Glove  1934 Wilson 564 Baseman's Mitt  1934 Wilson 7R40 Catcher's Mitt 
1934 Reach No. 1
Fielder's Glove
1934 Wilson No. 972 Fielder's Glove 1934 Wilson 564 Baseman's Mitt 1915 Reach No.32
Catcher's Mitt
1937 Rawlings 400V Pepper Martin Fielder's Glove  1937 Rawlings H  Bill Doak Fielder's Glove  1939 Wilson N0. 6R41 Baseman's Mitt  1938 Goldsmith N0. PC Catcher's Mitt 
1937 Rawlings 400V
Fielder's Glove
1937 Rawlings H
Fielder's Glove
1939 Wilson N0. 6R41
Baseman's Mitt
1938 Goldsmith 
Catcher's Mitt
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