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  Vintage Baseball Glove dating guide
   Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide

1940 - 1949  Gloves & Mitts

The decade starts off with many designs, continued from the 1930s. Single, double, triple tunnel webs, T, and H webs. Full modern tunnel webs began to be used by the end of the decade. The development of glove design, slows during the war years, but development takes off strong afterwards. Up until the later part of the 1940's fielders gloves had no lacing between the fingers. These gloves are referred to as "Spit finger," Prewar Gloves. The transition of the Split Finger to laced fingered Postwar gloves becomes evident, along with larger and more developed webbing.

Samples of Baseball Glove Webs 1940-1949
Single Tunnel Web Doubble Tunnel Web Triple Tunnel Web H - Web T-Web Trapper Web
Single Tunnel Double Tunnel Triple Tunnel H-Web  T-Web  Trapper  
Baseball Glove stamping (manufacturer) 1940-1949
A guide to help read partially worn stampings to help identify the brand or maker of the glove

Glossary of manufacturer abbreviations
Diamond - (DM) Draper and Maynard - (DW) Dubow - (G) Goldsmith - (H) Hutch (K) Ken Wel
(MG)  MacGregor Goldsmith - (N) Nokona - (R) Rawlings (RH) Reach - (S) Spalding (W)Wilson

  • A "Trapper" Model (W)(R)(MG)
  • Boys Model (W)
  • Bull Dog (N)
  • Deep Well Pocket (R)
  • Famous Players Model (DM)
  • Full Hand Molded Pad (H)
  • Inner Processed Palm(R)(G)(DM)
  • Greased Palm(W)(DM)(G)(D)(N)
  • Greased Pocket (DM)(R)(W)
  • Greased Set Pocket (W)(D)
  • Hand Formed (R)(W)(MG)
  • Hand Molded (N)(H)
  • Hand Tailored Pad (K)
  • Junior Model (W)
  • League Model (W)
  • Marvel Tannage (S)
  • Natural Pocket (MG)(DM)
  • Oil Treated (W)(MG)(G)(N)
  • Permawear Leather (RH)
  • Pre-Formed Pocket (MG)
  • Seamless Thumb (W)
  • Streamline (W)
  • Sure Catch (DW)
  • Tailored Pad (K)
  • The Ball Hawk (W)(RH)
  • The Latch (N)
  • The Pelican (DW)
  • The Snare Model (MG)
  • Top Notch (W)
  • Triple Play (RH)
Commemorative & Special Issue gloves 1940-1949
  • 1940 Wilson Bob Feller "Strike out King" Model 904
  • 1949 Reach 75th anniversary Joe DiMaggio Model 233

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

1942-1952 Rawlings Bill Doak H Model  1947 Patent & Wilson 3 Finger Ball Hawk 1622   Nokona BM71 Baseman's Mitt 
1942-1952 Rawlings
Bill Doak H Model
1947 Patent & the Wilson
3 Finger Ball Hawk 1622
1948 Nokona BM71 Baseman's Mitt

1940 - 1949 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples

Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1940 and 1949
1940 Rawlings Bill Doak H model   1940 Goldsmith 502 & 500 - The Snare, Fielder's Gloves  1941 Wilson554 seamless thumb Baseman's Mitt  1940 Spalding 101 Bill Dickey Cathers Mitt 
1940 Rawlings H
Bill Doak Glove
1940 Goldsmith 500
Fielder's Gloves
1941 Wilson 554
Baseman's Mitt
1940 Spalding 101
Catcher's Mitt
1940 Goldsmith CG Seamless Thumb Fielder's Glove  1944 Wilson 654 double Tunnel Fielder's Mitt  1942 Diamond Brand Baseman's Mitts   1942 Wilson 511 & 510 Catchers Mitts 
1940 Goldsmith CG
Fielder's Glove
1944 Wilson No. 654 Fielder's Glove 1942 Diamond BM  Baseman's Mitts 1942 Wilson 510
Catcher's Mitt
1946 Wilson Top Noych Ball Hawk 3 finger 607L  1948 Dubow The Peligan 353 Fielders Glove  1946 Wilson 544 Trapper First Baseman's Mitt  1949 MacGregor Goldsmith Catchers Mitt 
1948 Wilson 607L
Fielder's Glove
1948 Dubow 353
Fielder's Glove
1946 Wilson 544
Baseman's Mitt
1949 MacGregor Goldsmith Mitt
Manufacturer Brand Model No. 1940 -1949
Click on link for details, glove design & endorsement (opens in a New Window)
Partial List, model numbers will be added as the information is provided
Model No. (type of glove)
(FG) Fielder's Glove - BM Baseman's Mitt - (CM) Catcher's Mitt
Denkert BM4(BM) BM14(BM) BM17(BM) BM21(BM) BRP(FG) CK(FG)EB(FG) G55(FG) G300(FG) M5(FG) 197(FG) 239T(BM) 297(FG)
Diamond Brand BM400(BM) BM600(BM) BM700(BM) BM800(BM) CM100(Y.CM) CM201(CM) CM251(CM) SD56(BM)
Draper and Maynard (D&M) DG4(J.FG) DG8(FG) DG12(FG) DG16(FG) DG17(FG) DG18(FG) DG20(FG) DG26(FG) DG28(FG) DG31(FG) DG36(FG) DG40(FG) DG45(FG) DG328(FG) DB53(BM) DB55(BM) DB58(BM) DB62(BM) DB64(BM) DB68(BM) DB69(BM) DC77(CM) DC79(CM)DC84(CM) DC88(CM) DC90(CM) DC92(CM) DC95(CM) DC99(CM) DC105(CM)
Dubow 339(FG) 539(FG) 340(FG) 347(FG) 348(FG) 350(FG) 351(FG) 353(FG) 366(FG) 369(FG) 370(FG) 377(FG) 664(BM)
Goldsmith B-30(Y.BM) B32(BM) B33(BM) B35(BM)CG-B(FG) CG-G(FG) CR(FG) DC(BM) DF(BM) G12(FG) G18(FG) G20(FG) MG(BM) RL(FG) VDM(FG) VW(FG)
Hutch 40(FG) 42(FG) 52(FG) 54(FG)
J.C. Higgins 1614(FG) 1621(FG) 1675(FG) 1676(FG) 1678(BM) 1679(BM)
Ken Wel 522(FG) 523(FG) 538(FG) 539(FG) 541(FG) 542(FG) 544(FG) 560(FG) 564(FG) 585(CM) 590(CM) 592(CM) 595(CM) 596(CM)
MacGregor Goldsmith AH(BM) C21(CM) C26(CM) C31(CM( DW(FG) F1(FG) FM(BM) G4(FG) G18(FG) G19(FG) G20(FG) HC(FG) JCL(FG) SG('52-FG) XC(CM) XG(FG)
Nokona BM94(BM) CM69(FG) G51(FG)
Rawlings BB(FG) FB-143(BM) G5(FG) G11(FG) G12(FG) G20(FG) G24(FG) G33(FG) G235(FG) G350(FG) G390(FG) G400(FG) G490(FG) G600(FG) H(FG) HL(CM) HT(BM) KK(FG) LF(FG) LP(FG) MO(CM) T50(BM) T70(BM) T70RY(BM) T100(BM) WC(CM)
Reach 207L(FG) 219(FG) 228(FG) 233(FG) 245(FG) 249(FG) 251(FG) 255(BM) 256(BM) 257(BM) 258T(BM) 259T(BM) 261(BM) 265(FG) 267(FG) 267L(FG) 271(BM) 272(BM) 274(BM) 275(BM) 295(FG)297(FG) 298(FG) 299(FG)
Simmons SB88(BM) SB90(BM) SC98(Y.CM) SC105(CM) SC108(CM) SC151(CM)
Spalding 101(CM) 105(CM) 121(CM) 128(FG) 161(BM) 166L(FG) 201(FG) 233(FG)
Wilson 500(CM) 501(CM) 502(CM) 507(CM) 510(CM) 511(CM) 516(CM) 518(CM) 519(CM) 520(CM) 521(CM) 544(BM) 554(BM) 557(BM) 558(BM) 560(BM) 563(BM) 565(BM) 564(BM) 568(BM) 570(BM) 571(BM) 600(FG) 602(FG) 605L(FM) 607L(FM)618 (FG) 622(FG) 629(FG) 634(Y,FG) 636(FG) 637(FG) 642(FG) 644(FG) 646(FG) 647(FG) 648L(FG) 649(FG) 651(FG) 652(FG) 654(FM) 658(FG) 665(FG) 666(FG) 667(FG) 900(FG) 902(FG) 904(FG)
(1950s model no. prefix A 4 digit number A2000-2760)
1930 -1939 Gloves & Mitts 1950 -1959 Gloves & Mitts

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