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Glove Ads

1954 Spalding
1954 Spalding Basebal Glove Ad

1958 Rawlings
1958 Rawlings Baseball Glove ad Mickey Mantle Stan Musial
Stan Musial PM
Mickey Mantle MMP

1959 Rawlings
1959 Rawlings Trap-Eze ad
Trap-Eze Ad

  Vintage Baseball Glove dating guide
   Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide

1950 - 1959  Gloves & Mitts

Although you will find an occasional split finger being made early in the decade, for the most part gloves are being made with laced fingers. The full one piece leather webs dominate the era. Manufacturers experiment with different lacing devices to anchor the web to the crotch of the glove.

Samples of Baseball Glove Webs 1950-1959
H - Web Barrel Web V-Anchored Web Trapper Web  1950 Spalding Catchers Web  1950s Catchers Nitt Web 
H-Web Barrel Web V-Anchored  Trapper   Slingshot Web  Catchers Web
Baseball Glove stamping (manufacturer) 1950-1959
A guide to help read partially worn stampings to help identify the brand or maker of the glove

Glossary of manufacturer abbreviations
 (D) Denkert (DM) Draper and Maynard - (DW) Dubow - (G) Goldsmith - (H) Hutch (K) Ken Wel (M) MacGregor (N) Nokona - (R) Rawlings (RH) Reach - (S) Spalding  (ST) Sonnett (W)Wilson

  • Adjusto-Heel (S)
  • A "Trapper" Model (W)(R)
  • Big Leaguer (D&M)
  • Bulldog (N)
  • Custom Built (M)(R)
  • Deep Set Pocket (DW)
  • Deep Well Pocket (R)
  • E-Z Flex (S)
  • Fieldrite Pocket (N)
  • Flexotan (ST)
  • Flex-Pad (M)(DM)
  • Floating Heel ((R)
  • Form Pocket (S)
  • Greased Pocket (D)
  • Grip Tite Pocket (W)
  • Hand Tailored Pad (H)
  • Heart of the Hide (R)
  • Hinge Pad ((D&M)(D)
  • Kurv-Form (W)
  • Major League Claw (R)
  • Natural Ball Pocket (M)(DM)
  • Oil Treated (W)(H)(N)
  • Perma-Deep"Cup" Pocket (ST)
  • Pick Pocket (DM)
  • Pivot Play Model (S)
  • Playmaker Model (R)
  • Pre-Formed Pocket (DM)
  • Promaker (D)
  • Pro Master (D)
  • Self Shaping Heel (ST)
  • Snap Action (W)
  • Spear-M Model (W)
  • Streamline (W)
  • Sure-Trap (D)
  • The Ball  Hawk (W)
  • The Magnet (H)
  • The Pelican Jr. (DW)
  • Top Notch (W)
Commemorative & Special Issue gloves 1950-1959
  • 1956 Spalding Sal Maglie "No Hitter"
  • 1957 Rawlings Mickey Mantle Triple Crown
  • 1958 Spalding Don Larsen "No Hitter"
  • 1958 Rawlings Lew Burdette World Series Champ

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

1942-1952 Rawlings Bill Doak H Model  1950's Nokona GC Billy Loes Baseball Glove 1958 Rawlings 60th Anniversary Black cloth patch
1942-1952 Rawlings
Bill Doak H Model
Nokona GC Billy Loes Fielder's Glove 1958 Rawlings 60th Anniversary Black Gold Glove Patch

1950 - 1959 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples

Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1950 and 1959
1951 D&M DG915 Fielder's Glove  1951 Wilson A2210 Fielder's Glove  1951 Wilsom A2760 Spear-M Baseman's Mitt  1950 Nokona Catchers Mitt 
1951 D&M DG915
Fielder's Glove
1951 Wilson A2210
Fielder's Gloves
1951 Wilson A2760
Baseman's Mitt
1950 Nokona CM51
Catcher's Mitt
1953 MacGregor Custom Built Baseball Glove  1953 D7M DG933 Fielder's Glove  1955 Spalding Baseman's Mitts  1954 Sonnett 3C Catchers Mitt 
1953 MacGregor
Fielder's Glove
1953 D&M DG933 Fielder's Glove 1955 Spalding  Baseman's Mitts 1954 Sonnett 3C
Catcher's Mitt
1959 Wilson A2115 Ted Williams Fielders Glove  1959 NoKona GP3 CC2 Fielder's Gloves  1959 Dubow 666 S Catchers Mitt  1956 Spalding 1461 Yogi Berra Catchers Mitt 
1959 Wilson A2115
Fielder's Glove
1950 Nokona CC 2
Fielder's Gloves
1959 Dubow 666 S
Baseman's Mitt
1956 Spalding 1461
Catchers Mitt
Manufacturer Brand Model No. 1950 -1959
Click on a link for details, glove design & endorsement (opens in a New Window)
Partial List, model numbers will be added as the information is provided
Model No. (type of glove)
(FG) Fielder's Glove - BM Baseman's Mitt - (CM) Catcher's Mitt
Belknap D201(FG) D201SB(FG) D202(FG) D203(FG) D204(FG) D206(BM) D208(CM) D209(CM) D211(CM) D213(FG) D216(BM) D217(BM) D220(FG) D222(BM) D258(FG) F-17(FG) F-18(FG) F-20(FG) F-21(BM) F-22(BM) F-23(CM) F-24(CM) F-30(FG) F-31(FG) F-32(FG) F-90(BM)
Denkert  G46X(Y.FG) G50(FG) G51(FG) G52(FG) G53(FG) G54(FG) G56(FG) G58(FG) G62(FG) G64LL(FG) G65(FG) G71(FG) G81(FG) G84(FG) G84RH-SP(FG) G85(FG) G88(FG) G89RH-SP(FG) G89X(FG) G91(FG) G100(FG) JL(FG) M35(CM) M37(CM) M221(CM) M223(CM) M227(CM)M229(CM) M230(CM) M233(CM) ST3(BM) ST5(BM) ST6(BM) ST7(BM) ST10(BM) W3560LL(FG) X3096(FG)
Draper and Maynard (D&M) DG726(FG) DG912(FG) DG913(FG) DG915(FG) DG916(FG)DG917(FG) DG918(FG) DG919(FG) DG920(FG) DG921(Y.FG) DG923(FG) DG924(FG) DG933(FG) DG935(FG) DG936(FG) DG937(FG) DG942(FG) DG954(BM) DG955(BM) DG957(Y.BM) DG958(BM) DG968(BM) DG973(CM) DG975(CM) DG976(CM) DG980(CM) DG981(CM) DG982(CM) DG983(CM) DG985(CM)
Dubow ES(FG) S3FG(FG) 336(FG) 353(FG) 360(FG) 363(FG) 365(FG) 368(FG) 388(FG) 398(Y.FG) 602(CM) 617(CM) 620(CM) 652(BM) 666(BM) 666S(BM) 671(BM) 719(FG) 722(FG) 724(FG) 732(FG) 739(FG) 742(FG) 743(FG) 747(FG) 747S(FG) 748(FG) 752(BM) 760(FG) 790(FG)
Franklin 6712(FG)
Hutch 28(FG) 29(FG) 30(FG)  32(FG) 33X(FG) 36(FG) 40-L(FG) 42(FG) 43X(FG) 44(FG) 44X(FG) 57(FG) 58-M(FG) 60(FG) 150(BM) 153(BM) 175(BM) 193(BM) 226(CM) 246(CM) 266(FG) 276(CM) 296(CM) CC(FG)
J.C. Higgins (28(FG) 748(FG) 1617(FG) 1620(BM) 1621(FG) 1623(FG) 1626(FG) 1628(BM) 1633(FG) 1634(FG) 1636(FG) 1637(FG) 1638(FG) 1641(FG) 1646(FG) 1648(FG) 1656(FG) 1664(FG) 1665(FG) 1673(FG) 1674(FG) 1678(BM) 1756(BM) 1759(FG) R1652(FG)
Ken Wel BS(FG) 537(FG) 540(FG) 561(FG) 569(FG) 624(BM)
MacGregor DF(BM) G21(FG) G22(FG) G24(FG) G25(FG) G29(FG) G44(FG) G53(FG) G100(FG) G101(FG) G105(FG) G108(FG) G110(FG) G112(FG) G113(FG) G114(FG) G119(FG) G120(FG) G122(FG) G148(BM) G150(BM) G151(BM) G152(BM) G153(BM) G154(BM) G155(BM) G157(BM) G158(BM) G160(BM) G162(BM) G176(CM) G182(CM) G200(FG)  G212(BM) GB6(FG) GB8(FG) GB10(FG) GB18(BM) GB20(FG) GB23(FG) GB26(FG) GB35(FG) GCB(FG) GCR (FG) GC1(FG) GC10(FG) GF60(FG) GPD(CM) GPF(BM) GP(CM) GP2(CM) GPL(CM) GT(BM) SG(FG) XL(FG) XPL(FG)
Marathon F433(FG)  60-4240FG)
Montgomery Ward - MW 60-4215(FG) 60-4222(FG) 4227(FG) 4230(FG) 60-4240(FG) 60-4252(BM) 60-4263(BM)
Nokona B1(BM) BB10(BM) BB12(BM) BB14(BM) BB16(BM) BSB(FG) CC(FG) CC1(FG) CC2(FG) CC4(FG) CM38(CM) CM40(CM) CM45(CM) CM48(CM) CM50(CM) CM51(CM) CM55(CM) CM59(CM) CM60(CM) CM65(CM) CM70 CM85(CM) DH(FG) DM(FG) DP(BM)DW(FG) G11(FG) G13(FG) G15(FG) G16(FG) G16B(FG) G33(FG) G34(FG) G35(FG) G37(FG) G50(FG)  G53(FG) G55(FG) G56(FG) G57(FG) G58(FG) G59(FG) GC(FG) GH(BM) GP1(FG) GP3(FG) J106(FG) J111(FG) J112(FG) J120(FG) J121(FG) RFII(FG) SM(FG) T400(BM) MC(CM) XX(FG)
Rawlings 214(CM) 216(CM) 215(CM) 218(CM) 241(CM) BAA(FG) BD(FG) BDX(FG) DB15(CM)  DS(FG) DS5(FG) DW15(FG) EM(FG) G150(FG) G250(FG) G350(FG) G400(FG) G500(FG) G600(FG) G590(FG) G600(FG) G700(FG) G800(FG) H(FG) HH(FG) HSP(FG) JG(FG) LB10(FG) LB15(FG) LM(CM) LM22(CM) MC(FG) MC(FG) MM(FG) MM4(FG) MM5(FG) MM8(FG) MM9(FG) MMP(FG) PM(FG) PM1(FG) PM2(FG) PM5(FG) PM5X(FG) PM8(FG) PM9(FG) PM15(FG) PM16(FG) PM20(FG) PM25(FG) PM32(FG) PML(FG) PMM(FG) PR(FG) RR(FG) RJ44(FG) RL12(CM) SM6(FG) T90(BM) T105(BM) TGP(BM) TG36(BM) TMG5(B) TJ35(FG) TM20(BM) TM50(BM) TM60(BM) TM65(BM) TM68(BM) TM70(BM) TT10(BM) T70RY(BM) T70(BM) T80(BM) T86(BM) T90(BM) T95(BM) T105(BM) VBM(FG) WSA(FG) XP3G3(FG)
Reach 736(BM) 2143(FG) 2245(FG) 2455(CM)
Sonnett BF4(FG) BP7(FG) CLP(FG) CSF(FG) DP(FG) DP7(FG) G4F(FG) J4F(FG) JL1(FG) P3F(FG) P4F(FG) MLS(FG) 14(FG) 3C(CM) 60F(FG) 61B(BM) 63B(M) 65B(BM)
Spalding 151(FG) 158T(BM) 199(FG) 218(CM) 1003(FG) 1013(FG) 1021(FG) 1025(FG) 1027(FG) 1031(FG) 1035(FG) 1045(FG) 1051(FG) 1053(FG) 1061(FG) 1065(FG) 1071(FG) 1077(FG) 1095(FG) 1097(FG) 1101(FG) 1105(FG) 1107(FG) 1121(FG) 1123(FG) 1127(FG) 1131(FG) 1135(FG) 1136(FG) 1141(FG) 1147(FG) 1151(FG)  1153(FG) 1154(FG) 1155(FG) 1161(FG) 1171(FG) 1175(FG) 1177(FG) 1193(FG) (FG) 1203(FG) 1207(FG) 1245(FG) 1301(BM) 1307(BM) 1323(BM) 1345(BM) 1346(BM) 1351(BM) 1365(BM) 1413(CM) 1417(CM) 1443(CM) 1461(CM) 1463(CM) 4077(FG)
Wilson 1940s model no. 500-521(CM) 544-571(BM) 600-904(FG) 398IR(FG) 581CL(FG) A2000(FG) A2005(FG) A2020(FG)A2030(FG) A2036(FG) A2040(FG) A2044(FG) A2050(FG) A2054(FG) A2060(FG) A2070(FG A2074(FG) A2080(FG) A2086(FG) A2111(FG) A2115(FG) A2121(FG) A2130(FG) A2140(FG) A2145(FG) A2147(FG) A2150(FG) A2050(FG) A2070(FG) A2105(FG) A2107(FG) A2115(FG) A2117(FG) A2130(FG) A2140(FG) A2150(FG) A2151(FG) A2153(FG) A2160(FG) A2170(FG) A2171(FG) A2173(FG) A2184(FG) A2190(FG A2194(FG) A2200(FG) A2210(FG) A2216(FG) A2220(FG) A2234(FG) A2250(FG) A2260(FG) A2264(FG) A2280(FG) A2300(FG) A2301(FG) A2303(FG) A2311(FG) A2321(FG) A2374(FG) A2410(CM) A2412(CM) A2470(CM) A2526(CM) A2540(CM) A2542(CM) A2552(CM) A2560(CM) A2562(CM) A2564(CM) A2575(CM) A2620(BM) A2630(BM) A2640G(BM) A2642(BM) A2660(BM) A2662(BM( A2664(BM) A2666(BM) A2670(BM) A2674(BM) A2675(BM) A2676(BM) A2680(BM) A2682(BM) A2690(BM) A2692(BM) A2720(BM) A2722(BM) A2760(BM) A2781(BM) A2800(BM) A2802(BM) A2810(BM) A2820(BM) A2830(BM) A2880(BM) A2900(FG) A2910XX A2914(FG) A2930(FG) A2934(FG) A2935(FG) A2940(FG) A2954(FG) A2960(FG) A2980(FG) A2982(FG) G1338(FG) W-2500(FG) WC10(FG)
1940 -1949 Gloves & Mitts 1960 -1969 Gloves & Mitts

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