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Glove Ads

1962 MacGregor
1962 MacGregor Brunswick baseball glove ad
Brunswick Ad

1964 Wilson A2000
1964 Wilson A2000 Al Kaline
Al Kaline

1965 Rawlings
MVP Gloves
1965 Rawlings Ken Boyer - Brooks Robinson MVP Gloves
14 Ken Boyer
5 Brooks Robinson

1959 Rawlings
1959 Rawlings Trap-Eze ad
Trap-Eze Ad

1965 Rawlings
1966 Rawlings XPG3 Heart Of the Hide 
XPG3 Ken Boyer
Heart of the Hide

  Vintage Baseball Glove dating guide
   Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide

1960 - 1969  Gloves & Mitts

The web developed from '50's style one piece anchored, triple tunnel webs, large triple lock webs, to solid one piece webs, tightly laced to the Thumb, forefinger and a wider "U" shaped crotch. Spiral laced bridges are used more often, as well as inter-laced and basket weaved webs. Trapper webs continue to be used but begin to be built with a more solid bridge, after Rawlings introduced the Trap-Eze models.

Samples of Baseball Glove Webs 1960-1969
Basket Web   V-Anchored Web Trap-Eze   Spalding 42-739 Slingshot web 
Basket Web Tunnel Pocket V-Anchored  Trap-Eze Double lock Slingshot Web
Baseball Glove stamping (manufacturer) 1960-1969
A guide to help read partially worn stampings to help identify the brand or maker of the glove

Glossary of manufacturer abbreviations
 (D) Denkert - (M) MacGregor (N) Nokona - (R) Rawlings  (S) Spalding  (ST) Sonnett (W)Wilson

  • A "Trapper" Model (S)
  • Deep Well Pocket (R)
  • Double Flex Pad (M)
  • Duo Control Palm (S)
  • EZ-Flex (S)
  • Field-Rite Pocket (N)
  • Flex-O-Matic Palm (R)
  • Flex-Pad (M)
  • Form Pocket (S)
  • Grip-Tite Pocket (W)
  • HOH (R)
  • Pre-Set Pocket (S)
  • Pre-Set Pocket (S)
  • Snap Action (W)
  • Sure Catch (S)
  • Trap-Eze (R)
  • Tra-Pocket (S)
  • Tru-Trap (W)
  • Twin-Actin (W)
  • Twin Flex (S)
Commemorative & Special Issue gloves 1960-1969
  • 1961 Wilson Ted Williams "1906-1960" Victory Wreath
  • 1961 Spalding Roger Maris MVP
  • 1962 Spalding 61 Home Runs
  • 1962 Rawlings Warren Spahn 300 Win
  • 1965 Rawlings Ken Boyer - Brooks Robinson MVP Gloves
  • 1965 Rawlings BR1 Brooks Robinson MVP
  • 1965 Spalding 42-307 Jim Bunning Perfect Game
  • 1967 MacGregor 4-Star Clemente/Mays/Versalles/Oliva
  • 1968 MacGregor Frank Robinson Triple Crown
  • 1968 MacGregor Frank Robinson Roberto Clemente MVP
  • 1968 Spalding Carl Yastrzemski Triple Crown
  • 1969 Wilson Denny McLain 31 Wins

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

Wilson 2781 Jim Gentile First Base Mitt 1964 Rawlings Mickey Mantle Big Leaguer Phillies cigar Premium Rawlings MM 9 Mickey Mantle Baseball Glove
Wilson A2781 Jim Gentile
Base Mitt 1950s & 1960s
1964 Rawlings Mickey Mantle
Big Leaguer Phillies cigar Premium
Rawlings MM 9 '50's-'60's
Mickey Mantle Glove

1960 - 1969 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples

Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1960 and 1969
Spalding  Maris -  Rawlings Bauer baseball Gloves  1961 Rawlings Dealers catalog   1962 Rawlings DCT First-Base Mitt  1962 Reach Bill Dickey Catchers Mitt 
1961 Trap Pocket
Baseball Gloves
1962 Rawlings
Baseball Gloves
1962 Rawlings DCT
First-Base Mitt
1962 Reach
Catcher's Mitt
1963 Rawlings SM6 Stan Musial H Web Glove  Rawlings XPG6 Heart og the Hide Mickey Mantle  1966 Spalding 42-421 Joe Pepitone First Base Mitt  Rawling FP12 Catchers Mitt 
1964 Rawlings XPG6
Baseball Glove
1964 Rawlings XPG6
Baseball Glove
1966 Spalding 42-421 First- Base Mitt 1964 Rawlings FP12
Catcher's Mitt
1966 Rawlings XPG 3 Ken Boyer Baseball Glove  1967 Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove  1968 Franklin First-Base and Catchers Mitt  Spalding 42-739 Yogi Berra Catchers Mitt 
1966 Rawlings XPG 3
Baseball Glove
1967 Wilson A2000
Baseball Glove
1968 Franklin Mitts
Baseman's Mitt
1966 Spalding 42-739
Catchers Mitt
Manufacturer Brand Model No. 1960 -1969
Click on a link for details, glove design & endorsement (opens in a New Window)
Partial List model numbers will be added as the information is provided
Model No. (type of glove)
(FG) Fielder's Glove - BM Baseman's Mitt - (CM) Catcher's Mitt
Franklin F149(FG) F230(FG) 1107(FG) 1123(FG) 1124(FG) 1127(FG) 1128(FG) 1131(FG) 1147(FG) 1148(FG) 1305(BM) 1306(BM) 1402(CM)
(montgomery Wards)
60-4050(FG) 60-4056(FG) 60-4061(FG) 60-4066(FG) 60-4076(FG) 60-4204(FG)
MacGregor 300(FG) 889(FG) DG982(CM) G24(FG) G25(FG) G110(FG) G112(FG) G114(FG) G174(CM) G183(CM) GB20(BM) GC1279(FG) GF-10(FG) GF-30(FG) KC1(FG) KF8(FG) M17T(FG) SG0559(FG)
Nokona BB10(BM) CC1(BM) CM45(CM) CM75(CM) CM85(CM) F160(FG) GH(BM) JL(FG) N60(BM)
Rawlings 5(FG) 14(FG) 218(CM) 1050(FG) Big 8(FG) CM15(BM) CM19(BM) CM25(BM) CMP(BM) DB15(CM) DB25(CM) DB45(CM) DF1(FG) DS18(FG) FB15(CM) FJ15(BM) FJ30(BM) FJ35(FG) FP12(CM) HG65(FG)  G150(FG) G250(FG) G300(FG) G450(FG) G1400(FG) G1500(FG) GGA(FG) GJ89(FG) GJ99(FG) GT72(FG) LG30(FG) LG40(FG) MMP(FG) MM2(FG) MMF(FG) MMP(FG) MM4(FG) MM5(FG) MM6(FG) MM9(FG) MJ57(CM) NWC(CM) OT1(FG) RJ20(FG) RL12(CM) SM6(FG) SS480(FG) T105(BM)  T106(BM) T107(BM) T110(BM) TG12(FG) TG15(FG) TG18(FG) TG24(FG) TG36(FG) TG48(FG) TG60(FG)  TG72(FG) TG78(FG) TG84(FG) TG92(FG) TG96(FG) TG98(FG) TG700(FG) TG800(FG) TM45(BM) TM55(BM) TM70(BM) TM75(BM) TM80(BM) TMBO(BM) TMH(BM) TN35(BM) TN45(BM) TN50(BM) TT10(FG) TT15(FG) TT30(FG) TT50(FG) TT55(FG) TT75(FG) TT80(FG) TTP(FG) WXP(FG) XFB1(BM) XFB19(BM) XFG1(FG) XPG3(FG) XPG6(FG) XPG8(FG) XPG9(FG) XPG15(FG) XPG16(FG) XPG17(FG) XPG20(FG) XPG26(FG) XPGP(FG)
Reach 2443(CM) 5760(FG) 5765(FG) 5775(FG)
Sonnett  BP(FG) T6T6(FG) TW60(BM)
Spalding 42-123(FG) 42-125(FG) 42-135(FG) 42-137(FG) 42-145(FG) 42-151(FG) 42-163(FG) 42-201(FG) 42-203(FG) 42-204(FG) 42-211(FG) 42-213(FG) 42-215(FG) 42-227(FG) 42-237(FG) 42-241(FG) 42-247(FG) 42-253(FG) 42-255(FG) 42-263(FG) 42-271(FG) 42-273(FG) 42-277(FG) 42-297(FG) 42-317(FG) 42-318(FG) 42-327(FG) 42-328(FG) 42-333(FG) 42-336(FG) 42-387(FG) 42-341(FG) 42-345(FG) 42-346(FG) 42-351(FG) 42-352(FG) 42-353(FG) 42-355(FG)  42-357(FG) 42-377(FG) 42-381(FG) 42-387(FG) 42-401(BM) 42-418(BM)   42-421(FG) 42-442(FG) 42-451(BM) 42-452(BM) 42-455(BM) 42-461(BM) 42-474(BM) 42-475(BM) 42-705(CM) 42-707(CM) 42-725(CM) 42-737(CM) 42-739(CM) 42-752(CM) 42-775(CM) 42-785(CM) 42-793(CM) 42-821(FG) 42-881(FG) 42-875(FG) 42-903(FG) 42-907(FG) 42-927(M) 42-935(BM) 42-965(CM) RM(FG) WF(FG)
Wilson 1950-1959 models A2000-A2982
A2000(FG) A2005(FG) A2006(FG) A2020(FG) A2024(FG) A2030(FG) A2036(FG) A2040(FG) A2044(FG) A2054(FG) A2070(FG A2074(FG) A2080(FG) A2086(FG) A2111(FG) A2115(FG) A2121(FG) A2130(FG) A2140(FG) A2145(FG) A2147(FG) A2150(FG) A2050(FG) A2070(FG) A2105(FG) A2107(FG) A2115(FG) A2117(FG) A2130(FG) A2140(FG) A2150(FG) A2151(FG) A2153(FG) A2160(FG) A2170(FG) A2171(FG) A2173(FG) A2184(FG) A2190(FG A2194(FG) A2200(FG) A2207(FG) A2210(FG) A2216(FG) A2220(FG) A2234(FG) A2250(FG) A2260(FG) A2264(FG) A2280(FG) A2300(FG) A2301(FG) A2303(FG) A2311(FG)  A2321(FG) A2340(FG) A2341(FG) A2374(FG) A2384(FG) A2400(CM) A2410(CM) A2540(CM) A2542(CM) A2562(CM) A2564(CM) A2576(CM) A2601(FG) A2630(BM) A2660(BM) A2664(BM) A2666(BM) A2670(BM) A2674(BM) A2676(BM) A2680(BM) A2682(BM) A2690(BM) A2692(BM) A2720(BM) A2722(BM) A2760(BM) A2674(BM) A2781(BM) A2785(BM) A2800(BM) A2820(BM) A2830(BM) A2850(BM) A2860(BM) A2880(BM) A2885(BM) A2900(FG) A2910XX A2914(FG) A2930(FG) A2931(FG) A2934(FG) A2935(FG) A2940(FG) A2954(FG) A2960(FG) A2970(FG) A2980(FG) A2982(FG)
1950 -1959 Gloves & Mitts 1970 -1979 Gloves & Mitts

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