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Glove Ads

1972 MacGregor
1973 MacGregor Pete Rose Baseball Glove ad 
Pete Rose

1973 Rawlings
RA 75 Glove
1973 Rawlings 75th anniversary Glove ad 
75th Anniversary

1974 Rawlings
1974 Rawlings Baseball Globe ad Brooks Robinson
Brooks Robinson

1974 MacGregor
1974 MacGragor Baseball Glove ad Hank Aron  
Hank Aaron

  Vintage Baseball Glove dating guide
   Vintage Baseball Glove Dating Guide

1970 - 1979  Gloves & Mitts

Although a 12" size rule was made in the 1950s outfielder Gloves in the 1970's begin to be made as long as 13 - 14". Full and Hinged webs with different lacing devices dominate the decade and into the 1980s, making it difficult to distinguish the age of the glove by the web alone.

Samples of Baseball Glove Webs 1970-1979
Basket Web  H-Web  Hinge Web  triple X web  Spiral Laced Web  Triple T Web 
Basket Web H-Web Hinge-Web Triple X Web Spiral Laced Triple -T
Baseball Glove stamping (manufacturer) 1970-1979
A guide to help read partially worn stampings to help identify the brand or maker of the glove

Glossary of manufacturer abbreviations
 (F) Franklin -(H) Hutch - (M) MacGregor (N) Nokona - (R) Rawlings - (RG) Regent
Spalding - (TW) Sears/Ted Williams - (W)Wilson

  • Cup Trap (H)
  • Deep Well Pocket (R)
  • Exclusive Monster Design (RH)
  • E-Z Flex (S)
  • Fast  Back (R)
  • Field Flex (F)
  • Field-Rite (N)
  • Flex Action (TW)
  • Flex-O-Matic Palm (R)
  • Flex-Pad (M)
  • Form Pocket (S)
  • Grip-Tite Pocket ((W)
  • Hinged Pad (R) (TW)
  • Natural Ball Pocket (M)
  • Pro Pocket (TW)
  • Snap Action (W)
  • Sure Hold Pocket (RG)
  • The Finest in the Field (R)
Commemorative & Special Issue gloves 1970-1979
  • 1971 Rawlings WWS World Series Special Clemente/Robinson
  • 1974 Spalding Tom Seaver Cy Young Award Winner
  • 1974 Spalding Jim Palmer Cy Young Award Winner
  • 1975 MacGregor Hank Aaon 715 Home Run
  • 1978 Rawlings Reggie Jackson 1977 World Series MVP

Random samples of Gloves and Mitts from this era

1975 MacGregor Hank Aaron 715 Home Run  1971 Rawlings WWS World Series Special Clemente/Robinson  Mark The Bird Fidrych Wilson A2264 Baseball Glove 
1975 MacGregor Hank Aaron
715 Home Run Glove
1971 Rawlings World Series Special Clemente/Robinson Mark 'The Bird' Fidrych Wilson A2264 Baseball Glove

1970 - 1979 Baseball Glove & Mitt Catalog Samples

Sample photos below are  taken from wholesale catalogs issued between 1960 and 1969
1971 MacGregor 890 Pete Rose Baseball Glove  1972 MacGregor and Wilson ad  1972 JCPenny First Base Mitt  1972 JCPenny Catchers Mitt 
1971 MacGregor
Baseball Glove
1972 Wilson
Baseball Gloves
1972 JCPenny
 First- Base Mitt
1971 JCPenny
Catcher's Mitt
1972 Rawlings Baseball Gloves  1972 Spalding Baseball Gloves  1970 MacGregor BM7T First Base Mitt  1970 MacGregor CM72 Randy Hudley Catchers Mitt 
1972 Rawlings
Baseball Gloves
1972 Spalding
Baseball Gloves
1975 MacGregor
 First- Base Mitt
1975 MacGregor
Catcher's Mitt
Mate 70's Rawlings Baseball Gloves  1978 MacGregor Baseball Gloves  1979 B666 Hutch Catchers Mitt  1979 Hutch C268 Catchers Mitt 
Late '70's Rawlings
Baseball Gloves
1978 MacGregor
Baseball Gloves
1979 Hutch B666
Baseman's Mitt
1979 Hutch C264
Catchers Mitt
Manufacturer Brand Model No. 1970 -1979
Click on a link for details, glove design & endorsement (opens in a New Window)
Partial List model numbers will be added as the information is provided
Model No. (type of glove)
(FG) Fielder's Glove - BM Baseman's Mitt - (CM) Catcher's Mitt
Franklin 4163(FG)
Hutch B666(BM) B600(BM) C264(CM) C268(CM)
Montgomery Ward-Hawthorne 60-21155(FG) 60-21200(FG) 60-21214(BM) 60-21224(FG)60-4065(BM)
MacGregor 75(CM) 671B(FG) 515P(FG) 777(FG) BM7T(BM) CM7T(CM) G12(FG) GC12(FG) HRK(FG) M11K(FG) M15T(FG) M20T(FG) M3P(FG) M3T(FG) M9T(FG)
Nokona BM76(FG) F180(FG) TS360(FG)
Rawlings 471-66(FG) 1061(FG) 1062(FG) CJ109(FG)  CU1600(FG) CW3(FG) DCT (BM) DCT-7(BM) FJ9(BM) FJ15(BM) FJ35(FG) GC92(FG) GCF4(FG) GJ(FG) GJ29(FG) GJ39(FG) GJ40 GJ58(FG) GJ59(FG) GJ62(FG) GJ65(FG) GJ69(FG) GJ80(FG) GJ82(FG) GJ90(FG) GJ109(FG) GJ110(FG) GJF4(FG) GJF6(FG) GJF8(FG)GJF10(FG) HJF50(FG) HJF77(CM) KM6(FG) KM8(FG) KM10(FG) MJ47(CM) MJ60(CM) MJ77T(CM) PC62(CM) Pro-H(FG)R4000(FG) RBG60(FG) RBG90(FG) RCM30(CM) RCM50(CM) RL10(CM) RSG8(FG)  SWS(FG) WWS(FG) XFB1(BM)XFB6(BM) XFB19(BM) XFCB(FG) XFCB17(FG) XFCB30(FG) XFG12(FG) XFG15(FG)  XFG12(FG) XPG3(FG) XPG6(FG) XPG17(FG) XPG20(FG)XPG26(FG)
Regent 00112(CM) 00116(CM) 00118(CM) 00145(BM) 00147(BM) 00149(BM) 00150(BM) 00250(CM) 05100(CM) 05200(BM) 05300(FG) 05500(FG) 05552(FG) 05555(FG) 05653(FG) 05985(FG)
Spalding 42-245(FG) 42-265(FG) 42-317(FG) 42-353(CM) 42-777(CM) 42-819(FG) 42-915(BM) 42-953(CM) 42-976(FG) 42-2451(FG) 42-2752(FG) 42-3091(FG) 42-3171(FG) 42-3215(FG) 42-3321(FG) 42-3415(FG) 42-3421(FG) 42-3422(FG) 42-3426(FG) 42-3471(FG)  42-3625(FG) 42-3905(FG) 42-3915(FG) 42-4012(BM) 42-4112(BM) 42-4115(FG)  42-4136(FG) 42-4155(FG) 42-4215(BM) 42-4216(BM) 42-4551(BM) 42-4552(BM) 42-4831(BM) 42-4912(BM) 42-5155(FG) 42-5305(FG) 42-6115(FG) 42-6135(FG) 42-6415(BM) 42-6715(CM) 42-7215(CM) 42-7216(CM) 42-7235(CM) 42-7254(CM) 42-7517(CM) 42-7773(CM) 42-7891(CM) 42-7931(CM) 42-8191(FG)
Sears -Ted Williams 16144(FG) 16152(FG) 16156(FG) 16172(FG) 16182(FG) 16185(FG) 16188(CM)
Wilson 1960-1969 models A2000-A2982
A1266(FG) A1413(FG) A1440(FG) A1907(FG) A2000(FG) A2000-XLO(FG) A2001(FG) A2002(FG)  A2002-XL0(FG)A2005(FG) A2007(FG) A2111(FG) A2141(FG) A2144(FG)  A2146(FG) A2150(FG) A2160(FG) A2200(FG) A2264(FG) A2229(FG) A2245(FG) A2247(FG) A2341(FG) A2400(FG) A2403(CM) A2524(CM) A2601(FG) A2604(FG) A2640(FG) A2650(FG) A2910(FG) A2935(FG) A3300(FG) A3600(FG) A5600(FG) AX2000
1960 -1969 Gloves & Mitts Baseball Dating Guide Index

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