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1977 Royal Crown Cola Major League Baseball Players Association All-Stars


Thurman Munson Royal Crown Cola Can

  • CIRCA - 1977
  • MANUFACTURER - Royal Crown Cola 
  • SIZE - 4-3/4 tall
  • PRICE RANGE - $2. $10. depending on player $50 - $75 per (70 can) set


 Information provided by:
KeyMan Collectibles


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 This is a 1977 issued, Thurman Munson Royal Crown Cola Major League Baseball Players Association All Star collection. Each can of the 70 player set, along with a picture lists the Players Team, Position, Years as an All Star, Batting Average in 1976, Lifetime Batting Average, Bats and Throws, and Years Pro. RC Cola also issued a set of cans in 1978. The player "Bio" on those cans were round not rectangular like the 1977 cans. Of course condition is everything in collecting. A near mint can, has been described as *opened but in perfect condition, *tab on top not opened but can has been drained through a hole at the bottom, or * can still filled with soda (mint). Its usually a collectors preference, but all three examples can be considered near mint. The Thurman Munson is a High end can and could sell for $5. -$10. The whole collection is worth about $100. Common flaws include Dents, and rust. Below is a List of players issued in 1977.


Royal Crown Cola MLB All Stars

RC Cola Can Top

RC Cola Can


RC Cola baseball cans 1977 complete set 1-70

  • Sal Bando Third Base 
  • Mark Belanger Shortstop 
  • Johnny Bench Catcher 
  • Vida Blue Pitcher 
  • Bobby Bonds Outfielder 
  • Larry Bowa Shortstop 
  • Bob Boone Catcher 
  • Steve Braun Outfielder 
  • George Brett Third Base 
  • Lou Brock Outfielder 
  • Jose Cardenal Outfielder 
  • Rod Carew First-Second Base 
  • Dave Cash Second Base
  • Bill Cambell Pitcher 
  • Bert Campaneris Shortstop 
  • Cesar Cadeno Outfielder 
  • Ron Cey Third Base 
  • Chris Chambliss First Base
  • Dave Concepcion Shortstop 
  • Mark Fidrych Pitcher
  • Rollie Fingers Pitcher 
  • George Foster Outfielder 
  • Wayne Garland Pitcher 
  • Ralph Garr Outfielder 
  • Steve Garvey First Base 
  • Ken Griffey Outfielder 
  • Bobby Grich Second Base 
  • Don Gullett Pitcher 
  • Catfish Hunter Pitcher 
  • Mike Hargrove First Base 
  • Randy Jones Pitcher 
  • Dave Kingman Outfielder 
  • Dave LaRoche Pitcher 
  • Greg Luzinski Outfielder 
  • Fred Lynn Outfielder 
  • Ron LeFlore Outfielder
  • Bill Madlock Third Base 
  • Jon Matlock Pitcher 
  • Gary Matthews Outfielder 
  • Hal McRae Outfielder 
  • Bake McBride Outfielder 
  • Andy Messersmith Pitcher 
  • Rick Monday Outfielder 
  • John Montefusco Pitcher 
  • Joe Morgan Second Base 
  • Thurman Munson Catcher 
  • Al Oliver Outfielder 
  • Amos Otis Outfielder
  • Jim Palmer Pitcher 
  • Dave Parker Outfielder 
  • Fred Patek Shortstop 
  • Marty Perez Second Base 
  • Tony Perez First Base 
  • Gaylord Perry Pitcher 
  • J.R. Richard Pitcher 
  • Pete Rose Third Base 
  • Joe Rudi Outfielder 
  • Mike Schmidt Third Base 
  • Tom Seaver Pitcher 
  • Bill Singer Pitcher 
  • Rusty Staub Outfielder 
  • Don Sutton Pitcher 
  • Gene Tenace Catcher 
  • Luis Tiant Pitcher 
  • Ellis Vallentine 
  • Claudell Washington Outfielder 
  • Butch Wynegar Catcher 
  • Carl Yastrezemski First Base 
  • Robin Yount Shortstop 
  • Richie Zisk Outfielder 

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