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 "How much is my autographed baseball?"

The most common question ask by people searching for information on baseball memorabilia. "How much is my autographed baseball?" Along with other signed items there are too many factors involved to simply answer this question with a price....Read More

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Jose Molina Signed Game Used Shin-Gauds

Jose Molina Signed Game Used Shin-Guads

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Boston Red Sox Jay Publishing Picture Pack Ted Williams

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1925 Exhibit Lou Gehrig Rookie Card

Exhibit Supply Company Baseball Card Checklist

Vintage Baseball Glove 
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Grandstand Rain Check Ticket Stub Dating Guide

Yankees Grandstand Ticket Dating 

This guide is designed to help you identify undated Yankee ticket stubs but the method can be used to help identify ticket stubs for other teams.......
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1956 PM15
 Yellow Basepath 32-pin set

Gloves /Mitts

1900-05 Pennant Brand Full Web Fielder’s Glove

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Authenticating undated Ticket Stubs Correctly

The Correct Method for Authenticating Undated Ticket Stubs

A study in dating Grandstand Ticket Stubs reveals that collectors are spending thousands of dollars on ticket stubs that are not correctly dated. Ticket stubs that are being sold on eBay, private auction houses and authenticated by trusted companies such as PSA, and SGC. Read More

Joe DiMaggio signed baseball dedicated to Pope Paul VI

Holy Baseball Memorabilia

Three baseballs  signed by Joe DiMaggio NL Pres, Warren Giles and baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn that were presented to Pope Paul VI when he held mass celebrated at Yankees Stadium on October 4, 1965. Read More

Ted Williams Quadruple-Signed Jersey)

Alert Collector Snared Quadruple-Signed Williams Jersey

A misplaced jersey Ted Williams once used to practice his autograph gave one collector a unique piece of baseball memorabilia. Read More

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Coming soon!  Authenticate your Memorabilia  Coming soon!

 KeyMan Collectibles already offers Samples of authentic Autographs to help you self authenticate your Favorite Baseball Players signature. To help you make an educated decision before you make a purchase. More autographs will be added on a regular basis, and coming soon! Authenticate your vintage memorabilia, and collectibles!

 FAKE & REPRODUCTION ALERT! All to often collectors are mistakenly buying vintage memorabilia that is actually a good reproduction of the original. Items that could fool the "experts" as well. KeyMan Collectibles will help you Identify the Fakes from the real thing. Working with some of the most experienced people in the Memorabilia field, KeyMan collectibles is putting together a database of information to help you spot the fakes, save you money, and heartache. 


Rash of Fake ad signs on eBay   Buyer beware! 

This sign is so rare that some price guides do not have a picture, and do not list a price. If you find an original it will not have a copyright of 1952 like this one. Ted Williams did not sign on with the Moxie Corp. until November of 1957, and Ted's Root Beer was introduced in December of that year. Fake Alerts


Ted's Root Beer Advertising Sign

 Check back soon for more on "Authenticate your memorabilia"

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